Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air driveaway awning

The Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air is one of our favourite drive-away awnings – lightweight yet versatile. In the video above we show how little time is required to actually get this awning up – it’s less than 30 seconds! The rest of the <8 minute time is taken up with unpacking from the campervan, unrolling it, connecting it to the camper, pinning it down – and finally uncorking the wine!

After owning several awnings and reviewing many more, we have found that Cayman Air is the best for our particular requirements and represents great value for money at around £500. Some of the features include:

  • a single air strut which makes putting up the Cayman a breeze. We’ve had the whole awning up and fixed down in less than 10 minutes. Some awnings with three air beams are very tiring to pump up and can take >30 minutes to setup.
  • fairly lightweight to carry (18kg) – some of the larger awnings are impossible to carry by one person
  • opens up on all three sides so you are not limited to facing one direction – good airflow inside
  • lifetime guarantee on the airbeam itself

Such a great awning for the money – we highly recommend it. Be sure to check out our round-up of the best drive away awnings on the market at the moment, and if you’re thinking of buying then read the buyer’s guide included in that article.

Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air

Marcy Marc
Marcy Marc

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