CycPlus Pump Review – Powerful Battery Powered Tyre Inflator

We show how to use the amazing battery-powered Cycplus pump to pump up the Mercedes Marco Polo campervan tyres to the correct pressure. However, this great gadget can obviously also be used on any other vehicle with inflatable tyres – from cars to caravans to motorhomes to bicycles. In fact, it can also be used to pump up inflatables for swimming or footballs, volleyballs etc. All without breaking sweat – we love it!

cycplus pump in actionMeasuring only a miniscule 18 cm x 5.8cm, the CycPlus pump comes with several attachments for connecting it to all the standard tyre types (Schrader and Presta valves) as well as attachments for the balls and inflatables.

Charging is easily achieved via micro-usb using a standard phone charger. It would have been nice to see USB-C, but perhaps that will come with a later update to the hardware. From flat to fully-charged takes around 2.5 hours, but typically it’s less than this if there is still some juice left in it.

The CycPlus Pump is a joy to use!

The required tyre pressure can be digitally set on the pump as a cut-off point, so that it automatically turns off when it has pumped the tyre up to the required level. You can therefore basically just attach the pump to the tyre and leave it while it inflates away. This is extremely useful.

Overall, the CycPlus removes the requirement of having to perform a hardcore cardiovascular workout to get your tyres ready for use. It always bugs me when I want to go out for a tough cycle, but have to tire myself out (tire/tyre geddit?) before I’ve even started peddling!

We highly recommend the CycPlus and recommend that you check it out on Amazon. 

Happy Camping!

Marcy Marc
Marcy Marc

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