Lankeleisi RV800 Plus Review – 750 Watts of Pure Power

750 Watts of oomph coupled with a 90 mile range. And only £2099 (or £1999 if you use our code!). Is there anything NOT to like about the Lankeleisi RV800 Plus ebike?

What we like about the RV800 Plus: The shove in the back is addictive; Amazing 90 mile range; Great price; Rolls over everything; So many accessories included.

What we don’t like about the RV800 Plus: Display could be smaller and easier to see in sunlight; seatpost too short for tall folk; bargrips are a bit too smooth and no support

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For as long as I can remember I’ve closely followed innovations in outdoor gear, and since starting Camping Secrets in 2020 that obsession has grown and grown. Now I find myself drawn more and more to developments in electric bicycles.

I was 50 this year and E-bikes have really opened up new possibilities for older outdoor fans like me who love adventure but don’t have the physical stamina of our youth.

This brings me to the RV800 Plus which is a heavy-duty e-bike from the Chinese company Lankeleisi. This bike has a powerful 750W motor and 90 mile maximum range – impressive specs which simply wouldn’t have been available a few years ago – and certainly not for the price it’s for sale at – just a shade over £2000.

As someone who enjoys cycle touring and wild camping far from electrical hook-ups, this kind of performance seemed too good to be true. Would it fill that gap between an expensive electric mountain bike from a ‘famous’ brand and a cheap knockoff from Ebay? 

I decided to try and get a review bike from Lankeleisi to see if it would live up to the promise with the aim of evaluating performance on my local trails and gravel tracks. Incredibly the company said yes and sent us a bike to review. For weeks, I’ve tested all aspects of its performance and practicality as both a commuter and off-road e-bike.

Now, after 400+ test miles, I can share my results and verdict. I’ve investigated whether the RV800 Plus truly suits older riders like me who love rural and wild camping adventures. I’ve tested whether the all-terrain capabilities of its chunky 26” tires on the dirt tracks and muddy trails that make up many of Britain’s iconic cycle routes.

Battery range was another key consideration. While 90 miles sounds excellent on paper, real-world conditions in remote regions can impact electric performance. So I was rigorous in testing how far I could actually travel between charges when hauling gear and tackling ascents or adverse weather. These factors mimic the reality of cycle camping.

Are there any compromises versus the marketing hype? Read on for my real-world experiences with the Lankeleisi RV800 Plus pedalec.

RV800 Plus by lake

Size and Dimensions of the RV800 Plus

The RV800 Plus uses a sturdy aluminum alloy frame with a ‘low-step design’ that makes mounting and dismounting easy for riders despite my taller 6ft 3in height. It also makes it easier for a lady (or man) to ride when wearing a skirt.

In terms of size, it has 26″ x 4.0″ wide tires, giving it a bulkier footprint than a standard road bike.

The total dimensions are 180cm x 68cm x 115cm (L x W x H).

With the chunky tires and long wheelbase, the RV800 Plus has a stable, planted stance. The weight is listed as 33kg without accessories, and it felt about that without me checking exactly.

The combination of fat tires, low step frame, and upright riding position make the RV800 Plus well suited for tackling bumpy rural trails and provide confidence even on loose or uneven surfaces.

However, during my testing, I did notice a limitation related to my size as a taller rider. The quick release seat post cannot be raised high enough for a fully comfortable leg extension when pedaling. It just needs a longer seat post!

What’s In The Box?

On opening the large box which squeezed through our front door, I was very impressed by the range of accessories included with the RV800 Plus, especially considering its pretty low £2099 price tag.

In addition to the bike itself (and battery of course), you get the following extras:

  • Flat pedals – Allows use of normal shoes rather than clipless cycling shoes
  • Mudguards – Protects rider and bike components from splashes and debris
  • Yuda Allen Key Set (9 Keys) – For adjustments and maintenance
  • Tonyon Bike Lock and 2 keys – Deters theft when parked
  • 3 pin adapter for charger – To convert the overseas plug into the UK standard
  • Mini Bike Pump – Allows tires to be pumped up – nice touch!
  • 15mm Spanner – Multi-use repair and adjustment tool
  • Wuxi DPower Charger (56.4V, 3A output) – charges the battery from flat in 6-7 hours
  • RV800 Plus bike manual – Usage instructions and specifications

Having all these accessories right out of the box is impressive for a sub-£2100 ebike. The mudguards, pump, lock, and charger adapter add lots of practical value for daily use and adventures. And the tools ensure you can tune and maintain the RV800 Plus yourself.

pre assembly

Ease of Assembly

The RV800 Plus arrives ~80% assembled right out of the box. This is convenient since major components like the motor, battery, brakes and drivetrain are already installed and setup by Lankeleisi.

However, there are still a few tasks required before the bike is ready to ride:

  • Installing the handlebars onto the front fork and tightening into position
  • Attaching the front wheel using the quick release skewer
  • Mounting the pedal arms and pedals onto the crankset
  • Securing the front LED headlight unit to the handlebars

Assembly is straightforward using the included tools if you’ve only even got rudimentary spanner skills. The whole process took me under 30 minutes thanks to the fairly decent instructions provided in the user manual. None of the steps require technical expertise or complex adjustments – check out our animated GIF below showing the process.

For those lacking bike mechanics skills, it may be worth paying for professional assembly by a local bike shop. But for anyone with a basic toolkit and some mechanical ability, getting the RV800 Plus prepped to ride is simple. Just be sure to double check all fittings are tightened securely before hitting the road or trails – we found that the headset was a little loose and the chain had come off during transit.

RV800 Plus assembly

Design and Key Features of the RV800 Plus

The RV800 Plus has a number of standout features which really stand out at this £2000 price point.


The RV800 Plus uses 6061 aluminum alloy for the frame which strikes a balance between sturdiness and reasonable weight. For an ebike weighing around 33kg, using 6061 aluminum helps keep the total weight reasonable. It also has good impact and fatigue resistance for durability. The corrosion resistance of 6061 aluminum protects against rusting and weathering.

The bike frame itself uses a “low-step” design meaning the top tube is slanted to allow easy mounting and dismounting. This caters to riders with mobility limitations.


The RV800 Plus is powered by a rear hub Bafang motor rated for 750W of continuous power output, with a peak output of 1130W. This motor provides superb acceleration power to get you up to the (ridiculously low) UK legal limit of 15.5mph. Bafang motors are generally seen as reliable and are used on some quite high-end bikes these days.

It has 5 levels of assist to customize the power band to your needs – this is all accessible from the handlebar controls.

If you are interested in derestricting the max speed limit then this is easily possible if you do a search on YouTube.

rv800 against treeBattery

Energy is stored in a 48V lithium-ion battery with a generous 20Ah capacity. This Samsung power lithium battery can deliver an approximate range of up to 90 miles on a single charge depending on power mode and terrain.

The battery is locked into the frame using a key (two are supplied). This means you can remove the battery for charging if you want, which is also good for security in our view. You can also charge the battery when fixed to the bike as there is a dedicated charging point. Nice to have both options.


Suspension is essential for absorbing impacts and smoothing out bumps when riding off-road trails. The RV800 Plus has both front suspension in the form of a lockable oil-sprung fork, and rear suspension via a DNM AOY-36RC air shock. This dual suspension system provides comfort across rugged terrain, and I like that both front and rear shocks can be locked out for road travel.


Safety comes from the motorcycle-style hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. These allow precise braking power with strong stopping force when needed in any conditions.


It’s equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Altus derailleur drivetrain, giving you a wide range of gearing options to handle everything from steep hills to flat ground. The shifts are smooth and reliable even under heavy pedaling load.

gears rv800 plus


The RV800 Plus comes with fat 4-inch Kenda tires which have an aggressive tread pattern for traction on loose or uneven ground. Their width also allows lowering tire pressure for cushioning and grip across rocks, dirt, mud or sand.


The bike comes with a front LED headlamp which is powered by the main battery – it can be turned on and off via the main handlebar control panel which makes it very easy to use, and no need to worry about power. It may have been nice to have had a rear light too, but it wasn’t supplied.

Taken together, these features should indicate why the RV800 Plus is great for riders who want power, comfort, stability and the capability to explore more adventurous off-road trails. Its robust frame, decent suspension, and quality components for the price add up to make a very attractive package in our opinion.

marc on RV800 Plus

Battery and Charging

The RV800 Plus is powered by a 48V lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 20Ah (amp hours). This works out to 960Wh (watt hours) of total energy storage (48V x 20Ah = 960Wh).

A high watt-hour rating means the battery can output more power for longer before needing recharged. 960Wh provides ample capacity to motor the bike for extended outings, especially with pedal assist. In fact, I would say this is one of the biggest batteries available on the market.

Charging the battery from empty to full takes approximately 6-7 hours using the included 3A charger. This charge time allows plugging it in overnight to be ready for a full day of riding. You can charge the battery either ‘in situ’ on the bike, or remove it to charge in a separate place – great for security!

The battery uses high quality Samsung lithium-ion cells for excellent cycle life and temperature resilience. The battery housing is also weatherproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

Overall, the 48V 20Ah battery offers substantial capacity for day-long excursions or even bikepacking trips. And the weatherproof design and quality cells give confidence it will perform reliably for years of riding.

rv800 plus battery removed

Display and Power Levels

The RV800 Plus uses a large, coloured LCD display mounted prominently on the handlebars. This screen provides access to information like speed, battery level, assist mode, and odometer. While the display is functional, I found a couple of drawbacks as an off-road rider:

Screen Size

The display is quite large, measuring over 4 inches diagonally. On rough trails, I worry this exposed screen would get easily damaged in the event of a tip-over or crash. A more compact display would be better suited for off-road resilience.  

Sunlight Visibility

The LCD screen suffers from glare and poor visibility in direct sunlight. Trying to check my speed or battery level on a bright day usually requires shielding the display with my hand which is less than ideal. 

Overall, while the display works fine in terms of functionality, I think Lankeleisi could improve it in terms of size and fit for off-road use. A smaller and glare-resistant screen would allow quick visibility checking even in harsh light. 

Lankeleisi RV800 Plus review in woods

The Lankeleisi RV800 Plus In Use – My Thoughts

Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of clocking over 400 miles on the new RV800 Plus to get a feel for how it performs on the trails and roads around my home. 

Taking the RV800 Plus out on its maiden voyage, I was immediately impressed with the power of the 750W Bafang motor. Just a light push on the pedals unleashes a surge of acceleration, putting a grin on my face. The five levels of electric assist make it easy to customize the power band to my fitness level.

One other thing to mention is that this bike has it’s own throttle, and it works extremely well. This means you can just twist the grip on the right handlebar and you set off like a rocket – no need to even pedal! While this is alot of fun, I did start thinking that it wasn’t exactly helping much with my fitness, so most of the time I elected to pedal. That being said, the throttle is good for setting off on a steep incline when you can’t easily turn the pedals to get the motor going. You need almost a full revolution of the pedals before power gets applied, so the throttle is a great stop-gap.

Heading into the countryside, the performance and comfort quickly stand out. The fat 4-inch tires absorb bumps and provide stability even on loose gravel or mud. The adjustable rear suspension further cushions the ride quality. And the hydraulic disc brakes give me confidence in safely controlling the bike even at higher speeds.

After a long day of riding trails and country lanes, I was astonished that the battery gauge still showed around 60% charge remaining. I must have covered around 30 miles in total, mostly on the highest (‘fun’) power setting. The capacity of the 48V battery with Samsung cells is remarkable, living up to the 90+ mile range claim if you use a lower power mode. Knowing I can venture far from home and still make it back is a great feeling.

While alot of fun on the single track trails, the RV800 Plus also makes an excellent utility bike for errands around town. The removable battery is super convenient for charging indoors as needed. And the front light (which can be activated by the handlebar controls) and included accessories like mudguards make daily use a breeze.

However, I have noticed a few niggles that, while not dealbreakers, could use some refinement. The 33kg weight affects the handling and slow speed maneuverability compared to lighter e-bikes I’ve ridden (like my Trek Rail 7). It takes a bit more forethought when navigating tight spaces or fast switchbacks.

While the hydraulic disc brakes offer good power, they could be tuned for even stronger stopping performance to match the hefty weight. I have doubts about the grade of pads used in the brakes and may swap them out for better performing alternatives.

I’ve also found the handlebar grips to be too smooth, compromising control in bumpy conditions when I need to grip tightly. Swapping in some lock-on grips with more texture will help increase steering confidence.

Also taller riders like myself wish the seat post offered more height adjustment to fine tune the fit.

However, these are all minor grievances I can tweak over time.


After thoroughly testing the RV800 Plus over 500 miles of trails, I can recommend this e-bike as an excellent value option for older riders seeking empowered adventures.

Considering the very reasonable £2099 price tag (as of October 2023), the performance and quality are remarkable. The powerful Bafang motor, long-range Samsung battery, hydraulic brakes and adjustable suspension provide confidence and comfort traversing different terrains near and far.

While the weight affects handling somewhat, and minor gripes like the display and grips could see upgrades, these do little to detract from the overall package. For the money, it’s hard to find another e-bike that can deliver this level of off-road capability and freedom.

In the growing field of electric bikes, the RV800 Plus stands out as a leading choice for its balance of affordability and features. I’ve found it to be a trusted companion, expanding my riding horizons safely. Its capabilities continue opening up new routes and journeys, keeping me active outdoors well into my senior years.

If you’re an older rider with a thirst for adventure, the Lankeleisi RV800 Plus deserves strong consideration. I’m excited to see where our continued travels together will take us across the coming seasons. This e-bike delivers smiles for miles at a sensible price.

9.5Expert Score

I cannot really say enough good things about this ebike. It's fast, powerful, 90 mile range and full suspension. It comes with all the accessories you need and costs under £2000 (using our discount code). What's not to like - amazing!

Use code ‘lankeleisiuk‘ at the checkout for an extra £100 off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Lankeleisi?

You may not have heard of Lankeleisi, so here’s a bit of info on their background and genesis. They’re a relatively new Chinese manufacturer that focus primarily on electric bikes.

The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Changzhou, Jiangsu province in China. Lankeleisi has grown rapidly to become one of the largest e-bike producers in their home country. They have a wide range of electric bike models and export worldwide, including to Europe, North America and Australia.

Their bikes are generally considered good value, with lower prices than major Western e-bike brands but decent quality and performance. Lankeleisi don’t have the brand recognition of some longer-established e-bike companies, but are building a reputation based on affordable pricing and reliable electric drive systems.

Lankeleisi offer a 3 year warranty on all their bikes which gives great piece of mind.

Check out their global websites at and

How do you pronounce ‘Lankeleisi’?

This was a major stumbling block for me in my video review. The name Lankeleisi is Chinese in origin. It’s not the most intuitive name for English speakers to pronounce! The best way is to break it down into syllables:

Lan – sounds like ‘larn’ Ke – sounds like ‘kuh’ Lei – sounds like ‘lay’ Si – sounds like ‘suh’

So phonetically, Lankeleisi is pronounced ‘larn-kuh-lay-suh’. The emphasis is on the first and third syllables, so ‘LARN-kuh-LAY-suh’.

The company name might be a bit of a tongue twister at first for us Brits – however, with practice, any fan of the RV800 Plus will soon have the pronunciation of Lankeleisi down pat!

Q: How much does the Lankeleisi RV800 Plus cost?

A: The RV800 Plus has an MSRP of £2099 making it very reasonably priced for the performance and features offered.

Q: What is the power and top speed?

A: It has a 750W Bafang motor that can peak at 1100W, with a top assisted speed around 28mph.

Q: What is the battery range?

A: The 48V 20Ah Samsung battery provides approximately 90+ miles per charge depending on conditions.

Q: How long does the battery take to recharge?

A: A full recharge from empty takes around 6-7 hours using the included 3A charger.

Q: What features make it good for older riders?

A: The step-through frame, suspension, ergonomic geometry, and power assist cater to seniors’ needs.

Q: Can it handle off-road and trails?

A: The 4″ fat tires, torquey motor, and adjustable suspension allow confident riding on gravel, mud, etc.

Q: How heavy is the RV800 Plus?

A: It weighs approximately 33kg – heavy but expected for an ebike with this build.

Q: What accessories are included?

A: Fenders, lights, rack, kickstand, grips, tools, pump and more come standard.

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