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Do you want to get the best waterproof performance from your leather boots consistently? If so, you may want to invest in the best product for waterproofing leather boots. 

Using this product at least once a week goes a long way to ensuring your boots remain protected in wet conditions. Adequately proofed boots can easily survive even the harshest conditions. Whilst proofing products give your boots its water-repelling abilities, it does more. 

With the best waterproofing material, you can also maintain the look of your boots thanks to their moisturising ability. Ultimately, this enhances their longevity. Below, we’ve compiled our recommended picks of the best product for waterproofing leather boots to help you find the right option for your outdoor footwear.

Grangers Footwear Care Kit

Grangers Footwear Care KitThe Grangers Footwear Care Kit features an all-in-one care kit designed to clean, care for, and protect all types of footwear. Amongst the fabrics the care kit works best with, are suede, leather, and nubuck. Additionally, the kit is effective at restoring water repellent finish on Gore-Tex and eVent membrane boots. 

The kit allows you to remove dirt, and neutralise odours. Furthermore, it delivers effective water repellent protection whilst conditioning leather footwear. The kit comes with a Footwear+Gear cleaner, Footwear repel, a footwear brush, and a tube of leather conditioner. 

  • The kit includes Footwear+Gear cleaner, Footwear repel, Footwear brush, and a tube of leather conditioner
  • The Footwear+Gear cleaner removes dirt and neutralises odour
  • Footwear repel prolongs the longevity by adding water repellent finish
  • The footwear brush removes dirt
  • The leather conditioner nourishes and moisturises leather boots
  • It needs a soft brush
  • It doesn’t offer the best waterproofing function


Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof Spray

Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof SprayThe Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof Spray features an easy-to-use water-based formula that waterproofs effectively. The spray maintains the support, texture, and breathability of your footwear all in one formula. Plus, the waterproof spray offers a non-flammable, non-VOC, and fluorocarbon-free formula.

In fact, the formula features a specially designed formula for optimised fabric and leather treatment. However, what makes the proof spray stand out is its unique moisture-wicking and vapour management. With the individual fibre treatment the spray offers, it achieves optimal breathability and keeps the feet dry. 

  • Water-based, non-aerosol, non-flammable, and non-hazardous formula
  • Easy to use water-based formula waterproofs, supports, and maintains the texture of your boots
  • Offers flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibres for optimum results
  • Formulated to allow moisture vapour to pass through and maintaining breathability
  • Designed to work for Gore-Tex and eVent boots
  • It is not long-lasting
  • Can be a little messy and difficult to apply


Grangers Footwear Repel

Grangers Footwear RepelThe Granger Footwear Repel offers a cost-effective way to maintain your outdoor footwear. The footwear waterproofing product is designed to work on all types of footwear material – including full-grain leather, nubuck, suede, and fabric. The simple spray-on proofing product is suitable for all types of footwear and repels water and stains.

Yet, it effectively maintains breathability. The waterproofing spray integrates a silicone-based formula for superior performance. Additionally, the formula remains stable and long-lasting. Plus, it meets the Bluesign certification to make it environmentally safe. 

  • Bluesign certification for environmental safety
  • Affordably priced
  • Spray-on application repels water and stains
  • Maintains the breathability of the footwear
  • Works with all types of footwear material such as full-grain leather, nubuck, suede, and fabric
  • Doesn’t fully waterproof footwear
  • The package isn’t very durable


Grangers G-Wax

Grangers G-WaxFeaturing a natural beeswax formulation, the Grangers G-Wax delivers all-around and effective protection for leather outdoor footwear. In fact, the G-Wax product is specially formulated for full-grain leather boots. The natural beeswax formulation delivers excellent water repellency and conditioning whilst maintaining breathability. 

Furthermore, the beeswax waterproofing formula protects treated leather footwear from water, oil, and stains. The conditioning process softens the footwear, reducing further cracking. 


  • Softens and conditions cracked leather to eliminate further damage
  • Easy to use formula – simply clean the boots and rub them with the beeswax formula
  • Natural beeswax formulation for excellent water repellency
  • Promotes increased breathability
  • Protects treated products from water, oil, and stains
  • Only works for leather boots
  • The formula is rather useful for providing water resistance protection rather than waterproofing


Nikwax Waterproofing Wax For Leather Liquid

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax For Leather Liquid The Nikwax Waterproofing Wax For Leather Liquid is a safe waterproofing product formulated to be used on breathable, waterproof, and smooth leather footwear. The product offers a durable water repellent coating whilst maintaining breathability and replenishing tanning agents.

Furthermore, the liquid leather wax helps to restore the black or brown colour of your leather boots. The products’ water-based formula offers a hazardous-free performance thanks to its non-flammable, zero solvent, non-fluorocarbons, and zero VOC formulation. Furthermore, the formula is designed to smoothen leather footwear.


  • Waterproofing formula designed for leaks as well dry and wet weather
  • Restores the black/brown colour on your footwear
  • The formula delivers a durable water repellent finish whilst maintaining breathability
  • Replenishes tanning agents
  • Optimised to smoother leather footwear
  • The sponge applicator isn’t the most efficient
  • Smoothens the leather but doesn’t fully waterproof it


Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Product for Waterproofing Leather Boots

When looking for the best product for waterproofing leather boots, you want to focus on the right features. Different leather boots have different designs and leather grades. Thus, you want to opt for a formula to work for you. 

  • Kit

Some of the best waterproofing products for leather boots come in a complete all-in-one kit. A standard kit consists of a weather boot cleaner, a waterproofing product, a leather boot conditioner, and a brush. As their names suggest, the cleaner cleans off the boots, removing dirt, grime, and any debris stuck to the boots. 

The waterproofing product is added after cleaning to seal the boots for water repellent protection. The best product for waterproofing leather boots should offer effective water repellent sealing. However, it should still be able to promote adequate breathability. After applying the waterproofing product, the last step is to condition the boots with the leather boot conditioner. 

The leather boot conditioner helps to maintain a smooth and supple surface on your boots. Using a leather boot conditioner comes in handy when your leather begins to heat dry or to crack. Thus, you only want to apply the leather conditioner if you begin to notice these two things. 

Leather conditioner is typically applied to the boots when they are still damp to make absorption easier. As the water continues to evaporate, the conditioner deeply penetrates the leather shoes to improve their feel and appearance. 

  • Types

Leather boot waterproofing products come in a range of different types. The main ones include wax, sprays, oils, creams, and pastes.


If you want to opt for a natural waterproofing product, wax is the way to go. You can find a variety of different waterproofing wax in the market. To use wax, you must first warm it to soften it. You can even use a blow dryer to soften it. 

During application, simply use an included applicator or separately bought lint-free cloth to lightly dab and spread it across the shoes. Thanks to the effectiveness of natural wax, you normally have to only apply a single layer to your boots. 

Different types of waterproofing products can be used on different types of materials. However, this is not always the same for all products. Thus, before you invest in a product, you want to make sure it works with your material. For example, not all waterproofing products designed for full-grain leather will work for nubuck or suede leather. 

Wax waterproofing products are long-lasting – surviving a whole season before needing reapplication. So, whilst the application is time-consuming, it is a price you pay for the long-lasting effect. Wax treatment is recommended for old boots that are at risk of developing cracks.


Other waterproofing products come in spray form. Typically, spray waterproofing products are either water-based or silicone-based. Unlike wax treatment, silicone spray treatment is time-saving. 

However, silicone spray waterproofing lasts a shorter period – for about a week or two. Silicone spray is recommended for newer boots or recently re-soled ones. Similarly to wax, you want to apply spray treatment after your boots have been cleaned. With the best waterproofing spray, boots can remain waterproof for a few weeks.


You may also come across oil waterproofing products. Just like the previous options, these types of products are specifically formulated for waterproofing. But, they come in oil consistency. 

Oil waterproof products come with an applicator you can use to gently apply on the leather. Alternatively, you can use a lint-free cloth to do so. Keep in mind, however, oil waterproofing products tend to darken the colour of boots. 

Thus, you want to test out the product on an unnoticeable area before you use it on the entire boot. Compared to other waterproofing products, oils keep boots looking younger for longer. Plus, they help to address issues such as leather wearing out, cracking, or drying.

Creams and Pastes

Alternatively, you can opt for a waterproof cream or paste. In fact, these types of waterproofing products are popular amongst users. To apply these types of waterproofing products are applied using lint-free cloths just like the rest. The best feature of oil and cream-based waterproof products is that they make your leather boot materials flexible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do I Reproof My Leather Boots Using Wax?

Different brands have varying application methods. However, most follow the same principle. In fact, this standard method doesn’t only apply to wax treatments. It can also be used for applying other types of waterproofing products. To reproof your leather boots, follow the steps below;

  1. Thoroughly clean your boots using a soft-bristled brush, lukewarm water, and a mild detergent.
  2. After rinsing, use the hairdryer to heat the boots on low heat for a few minutes. Doing so will help the boots absorb the waterproofing product better and faster.
  3. Use an applicator or lint-free cloth to apply the wax to your boots. If the wax is too hard, use the dryer to soften it.
  4. After application on the surface of the boots, leave the boots to dry naturally for about 30 to 60 minutes. Avoid using direct heat to dry the wax as this may cause the leather to crack.
  5. After the wax has dried off, use a cloth to wipe off the excess wax.

2. How Do I Condition Leather Boots?

To condition leather boots, use a clean cloth or your fingers to apply a small amount of the conditioner on the surface of your boots. Apply a small coat all over the boots, focusing on the welts and seams. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes and remove excess using a cloth. Allow the boots to dry naturally and the boots should be ready to be worn. You can even choose to use a soft footwear brush to restore the boot to its original finish.


There’s no doubt that the best product for waterproofing leather boots is the best way to prolong the durability of your boots. After all, these products don’t only prolong the durability of your boots. They also help to improve the appearance whilst enhancing their protection when you are out in the wet outdoors. 

However, the key to ensuring the best and consistent results is to choose the right product for your shoes. So, take your time to pick the ideal option from the best product for waterproofing leather boots above. If you are still struggling to pick the right choice, this buyer’s guide can help you do so.

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