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With the sun bursting out this year, we thought we’d try sleeping out in the OlPro Wichenford 3.0 pole tent. Read on to find out out thoughts on it….

What we like about the OlPro Wichenford 3.0: Great value for money; acres of room; sewn-in ground sheet; 5000mm hydrostatic head; excellent ventilation.

What we don’t like about the OlPro Wichenford 3.0: Heavy pack; poles get snagged easily when threading through; lots of clips for inner rooms; ‘curtains’ are outside.

Embarking on your next family camping adventure? The OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 Tent might just be the perfect companion to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Boasting a spacious 8-berth capacity, an impressive waterproof rating, and a stylish design, this pole tent really seemed to capture people’s attention when we put it up recently in our back garden and slept in it for a week.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into its features, pros and cons, and how it compares with similar tents in the market.

Key Review Takeaways

  • The OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 tent is a spacious and durable option for families or larger camping groups with an impressive waterproof rating of 5000mm Hydrostatic Head.
  • Features like the air vents, inner bedroom tents, and sewn-in groundsheet provide camping convenience and comfort.
  • Compared to other family tents on the market, the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 holds up well in terms of features and quality and is great value for money.
  • A few downsides (weight, time to erect etc), but none are dealbreakers

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 Features Of The OLPRO Wichenford 3

The OlPro Wichenford 3.0 Tent boasts a spacious 8-berth capacity, measuring 7m (L) x 3m (W) x 2.1m (H) and weighing a hefty 28kg. The packed size is reasonable at 70cm x 40cm x 40cm, but lifting it on your own hurts your hands where the fabric handles dig in – this is one to carry with a partner.

The tent is made of waterproof material with a 5000mm Hydrostatic Head. The main material is ripstop polyester, and it seemed fairly durable. Even so, we opted to use the optional footprint underneath the tent in order to protect the underside from damage.

Size And Capacity: A Spacious 8 Berth Family Tent

As mentioned, one of the standout features of the OlPro Wichenford 3.0 tent is its size and capacity. As a spacious 8-berth family tent, it provides ample room for large families or groups of friends looking to make unforgettable camping memories together.

During testing, my daughter invited 6 of her schoolfriends over for the night, and the seven of them were able to sleep comfortably together – in fact it was perfect, and didn’t leak at all during a freak heatwave monsoon. The tent has good storage areas for belongings, making things easy to organize.

Material And Durability: Waterproof With A 5000mm Hydrostatic Head

Olpro wichenford 3.0 review furnitureThe material and durability of a tent are paramount for any outdoor adventure. The OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 does not disappoint in this department thanks to its waterproof Ripstop Polyester fabric with an impressive 5000mm Hydrostatic Head. We tested the waterproof capability in numerous ways – with a garden sprinkler for 30 minutes as well as the monsoon rain storm mentioned above. Absolutely no issues with water ingress.

The sewn-in groundsheet adds another layer of protection from dampness or wet terrain while providing a comfortable surface underfoot. We also opted to include the OlPro carpet for additional comfort inthe main living area of the tent – it worked well, and added a homely feel.

Ease Of Setup And Use: Includes 3 Bedroom Inner Tents And Air Vents For Optimal Ventilation

Set-up is fairly simple if you’ve put up a pole tent or awning before. We’ve done it many times, but even with that experience it took us a while to get the (very long) fibre-glass poles extended, threaded through, and then arched properly. The poles snag quite easily on the sleeves when threading through, and may be a good reason to consider an inflatable tent instead. After arching, you need to make sure that the keys are inserted on each end to stop the poles pinging back into a straight line – requires a bit of strength!

Olpro wichenford 3.0 review innerThe tent has three-bedroom inner tents that can be effortlessly attached while providing ample sleeping space for up to 8 people. We’d say that 5-6 people is probably comfortable, although a couple of people can sleep in the lounge if more space is required. Housing a full 8 people in the bedrooms alone would be a squeeze (although it’s do-able).

In addition to its user-friendly design, the Wichenford 3.0 boasts excellent ventilation through strategically placed air vents throughout the structure. These really work well and have little struts included to keep them open.

The vents ensure optimal airflow and help maintain a comfortable temperature inside, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep even in warmer weather conditions or during those hot summer nights.

Design And Style: Aesthetic And Functional Design

Olpro wichenford 3.0 review guy ropeThe OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 Tent boasts a great looking aesthetic and functional design that distinguishes it from other family tents. The tent’s orange, black, and grey color scheme gives it a sleek look both inside and outside, while its tunnel shape enhances its aerodynamic capabilities. We did not camp out in windy conditions, but the combination of numerous guy ropes and ample pegging points made me comfortable that it would survive a UK storm.

The tent’s interior has been carefully designed to cater to large families with separate sleeping areas, a spacious living room area, and multiple entrances making entering or leaving your tent easy. There are also cable entry points on each side of the tent, to allow an electric hook up cable through. We used a camping power station for lighting and phone charging.

Erection Time (of the tent)

We’re fairly competent campers, but it took us around 30 minutes to fully put up the tent, peg it out (footprint and guy ropes), and then clip in two out of the three inner bedrooms. There are loads of clips on each inner tent which makes them feel very secure, but takes a while to accomplish – not the nicest job on a sweltering hot day.

Doors and windows

All doors on the Wichenford tent (two external, and three internal) have two-way zips and include mosquito nets. This is really useful as I hate bugs flying around and getting. They all have loops and toggles to tie back the doors if you want them to stay open.

Interestingly, the blinds/curtains on the two external doors (one on the left of the tent, one on the right) are on the outside of the door, so you can’t let light into the tent without going outside to do it. When you roll the blind up on the outside of the external door, the top half of the door is found to be mesh, which again provides excellent ventilation and is a nice design touch in our view.

Olpro wichenford 3.0 review

In Use

We tested the tent each night for a week of camping in our back garden and had a very comfortable time of it. The tent was warm, and with inflatable mattresses in each bedroom, and camping lanterns for lighting we were very snug indeed. 

One thing I would point out is that the bedrooms are not blackout bedrooms. Even though the roof material is black (see photo above), the ‘walls’ of the tent are grey and do let light in when the sun rises. Whether this is a problem for you needs to be decided, but I’m personally an early riser anyway, and this was more of a call to get up and enjoy the day!

Conclusion And Final Verdict

Overall, the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 tent is an excellent choice for families or larger camping groups seeking a spacious and durable camping option. Its waterproof design and convenient features, such as air vents, inner bedroom tents and cable-access points, make it a comfortable home away from home during outdoor adventures.

The sturdy tent pegs which OlPro have provided add to the reassurance that you’re in capable hands, although setup was fairly time-consuming. That’s just the trade-off you make when putting up a large pole tent – there’s no escaping it until the robots take over! Compared to other tents on the market, the OlPro Wichenford 3.0 is a great performer and recommended.

9Expert Score

The OlPro Wichenford 3.0 pole tent is an excellent value for money offering from a trusty UK manufacturer (OlPro are based near Worcester). We really like the look and space on offer in this tent and would recommend it, especially at the currently discounted sale price of <£500.


  1. What are the features of the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 tent?

The OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 is a spacious and durable tent that can accommodate up to six people. It has two separate bedrooms, a large living area, and multiple windows for ventilation and natural light. The tent also comes with a sewn-in groundsheet, waterproof flysheet, and fiberglass poles for easy setup.

  1. Is the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 suitable for camping in all weather conditions?

Yes, the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 is designed to withstand various weather conditions as it has been tested at wind speeds of up to 60mph (97kph) while still remaining stable thanks to its sturdy construction.

  1. Can one person set up the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0 tent?

While it may be possible for one person to set up this tent on their own, it is recommended that two people work together during assembly due to its size and weight.

  1. Are there any accessories or add-ons available for use with the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0?

Yes, there are several optional accessories available that can enhance your camping experience with the OLPRO Wichenford 3.0, such as carpets, footprints, awnings, or extensions, which provide even more living space without having to compromise too much mobility within larger campsites when needed!

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