16 of the Best Camping Gift Ideas

It’s fast approaching Christmas and a familiar feeling might start gripping you soon – that particular feeling you get when you have absolutely no idea what to buy your loved one for their special day. You know they adore camping and being outdoors, but is there a simple stocking filler you can buy which will put a smile on their face without breaking your bank balance? 

At Camping Secrets we’re well aware of this dilemma and so we’ve put together a list of 16 Camping Gift Ideas, each of which cost under £100. These are bona fide classic camping gadgets which are sure to fill that hole in the recipient’s equipment list.

Whether they regularly use a campervan, caravan, tent or bivvy bag we’ve got you covered – equally if they prefer to wild camp or glamp it up in campsite luxury then there’s a wide range of camping gift ideas for them too – now all you need is some campervan-themed wrapping paper!

Without further ado, let’s get into it….

Mergerled Camping Lantern

Rechargeable camping lantern

This fantastic little camping lantern would make a great gift for the camper in your life. It’s entirely rechargeable via USB with a 10400MAh battery capacity so there is no need to buy gas or batteries to keep it running.

Weighing only 280g, it is deceptively small but pumps out a very bright swathe of light – and this is crisp, white light rather than the yellow glow you get from a gas lantern. On top of all this, the lantern can be used as a battery pack to charge your phone and gadgets. One of our favourite camping gift ideas!

ProSmart USB-Heated Bodywarmer

ProSmart Womens heated USB jacket 2If you’re loved-one is the kind of person who feels the chill then we just KNOW that they’re going to really appreciate the ProSmart Women’s heated USB jacket to combat the winter camping cold.

These jackets slip over your clothes and include a switchable heating element which is powered by pure battery juice from the supplied rechargeable USB power pack. The in-built element will warm them up in no time whilst the black, shaped jacket will keep them looking pretty stylish at the same time.  Also available in a men’s shape. Both are awesome, snuggly camping gifts!

Check out our in depth review of the heated vest here.

Retro Campervan Washbag and Grooming Set

Campervan washbag

Make your partner the envy of the campsite washroom with this leather-look campervan washbag and grooming set.

It incorporates a hand strap for hanging up in the loos as well as interior pockets and a decent zip around the outside. We think it’s a great camping gift for Xmas or a birthday!

Campervan Cooler Bag

Board Masters Campervan Cool Bag

Check out this cool 27 litre capacity VW Campervan cool bag with a silver foil interior and an adjustable shoulder strap to carry to the beach or picnic bench. What’s great about this bag is that it can fold up pretty small when not in use and weighs only 400g!

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Camping Gift Ideas - Wrapping Paper

We were only partly joking in the introduction – why not grab some camping-themed wrapping paper to finish off your gift. They look extremely classy and will put a smile on a certain someone’s face!

Click on the images to purchase!

campervan wrapping paper

Xmas Camper wrapping paper

VW campervan wrapping paper

caravan wrapping paper

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Trekology Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Trekology sleeping padLightweight (560g) and packs up really small (19 x 12cm), this inflatable Trekology sleeping pad will greatly enhance your night’s kip, whether wild camping or at a campsite. Requires blowing up by mouth, or with an additional pump and will reach about 10cm thickness – lovely! If you need a pump for the whole set-up then we recommend the Runacc rechargeable electric air pump.

We have put together a full roundup of the best camping sleeping mats on the market. Be sure to check it out.

Wine Bottle and Glass Holder Set

wine bottle and glass holder set

How often has your precious glass of wine cascaded in rivulets over the scorched campsite soil? Well fear no more – buy this superb value set of holders for four glasses and a bottle of vino – they just stick in the earth, and spilt wine will be a thing of the past. It’s a perfect camping gift idea, and your partner will love you for it!

Odoland Camping Cookware Kit

Odoland Camping Cookware Kit

This is a great-value stove, stand, foldable spoon, knife and fork AS WELL AS two stackable pans and a stainless steel beaker. The whole lot combines up together into the perfect space saving gift for the most wild of campers. This is only £22.39 and an absolute bargain camping gift.

Check out our roundup of the top camping stoves on the market if you want more choices.

Brennenstuhl Rechargeable Headtorch

Brunnenstuhl rechargeable head torch

Yes you can get cheaper headtorches, but they’re not German-made and incorporating one of the latest Cree-LEDs for ultra-high brightness. One of the few Amazon products to get a full five-star rating from all reviewers, this is a fantastic headtorch and not too bulk to wear. The angle of the light beam can be adjusted by the user, and the battery recharged by ISB for up to 30 hours of continuous use. A brilliant camping gift idea – in more ways than one!

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UMI Camping Lounger

UMI camping lounger

Let your partner take the weight off their feet with this fab foldable camping lounger. With integrated headrest and a reclining backrest this great chair will make your loved one feel as pampered as possible!

We cover the best camping chairs available in a special roundup blog post here.

Soothing Neck Fan

neck fan

Sometimes the heat can be worse than the cold, especially in a tent when there’s very little air flow. With this soothing Trilink Neck Fan, a rechargeable USB battery powers dual fans which can be directed up at your face and neck in order to give you some much needed cooling action in the height of summer. A great little stocking filler!

Easthills Instant Outdoor Sun Cover Gazebo

Easthills Instant Outdoor Shader with man

Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun – a bit elitist we think! Well you can join in if you buy this superb Outdoors Gazebo/Sun shade.

Weighing only 3.6kg this creates a huge space, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. It can be carried to the beach, or set up at the campsite. Incredible value at only £89.

Gazebos are just one example of a wide range of tents, awnings and coverings for your camping trips.

Stanley 1L Vacuum flask

Stanley 1L vacuum flask

After trying many different cheap Chinese flasks, we found that the majority of them did not work very well, with our hot brew going cold within an hour or too – disappointing on a mountain top! The Stanley vacuum flask is a design classic – a true icon of American ingenuity and has been around for over 100 years now – it just works! Buy your loved one the real deal for their outdoor adventures.

We’ve reviewed some other great thermos flasks in a blog post, but you can’t really beat the Stanley in our view.

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Build Your Own Camper Van Model

Build your own campervan

We love the look of this ‘Meccano-style’ Build Your Own Camper Van which is perfect for the VW fanatic in your family.

Rated from age 8 upwards, the box contains everything that’s needed to get building, and at less than £12, it’s a darn sight cheaper than the real thing!

Camper Van Wine Bottle Holder

Camper Van wine holder

On a similar theme, this wine bottle holder is a real beauty and comes ready made out of the box so there’s no need to get your tools out! Bear in mind that it won’t quite hold 700cl bottles, and so can probably only be used with the little 250cl ones. The danger is you’ll be drinking them too quickly!

Nikon Sportstar 8×25 Binoculars

Nikon Sportstar 8x25 binoculars

How often have you been on a countryside walk and spotted a big bird flying overhead, but not been able to identify it. Or have you ever wished you could zoom in on the moon or stars a little closer when gazing in awe at the campsite – well if so, then we highly recommend these Nikon binoculars. Nikon are a fantastic company who make some of the best camera lenses in the world – their binoculars are a work of art and are so lightweight that the recipient of this wonderful gift won’t know they’re carrying them!

Osprey Atmos Ag 65 Backpack

Osprey Atmos Ag 65 Backpack

OK, we broke the budget a bit with this Osprey Atmos Ag 65 Backpack which comes in at £129.99. However, Osprey are probably the best makers of rucksacks in the world at the moment, specialising in lightweight and highly flexible backpacks for all manner of adventures. The Atmos AG 65 is the perfect present for a wild camper with biostretch harnesses, an adjustable hipbelt and integrated raincover. Weighing only 2.19kg for a full 65 litre capacity, this will carry your tent, sleeping bag and cooking utensils for a perfect camping adventure.

Check out our article on the best camping backpacks for a wider range of choices and budgets!

So there we have our 16 Camping Gift Ideas of Christmas. If you need some more inspiration then please have a read of some of our other articles listed below in which we review some of the latest and greatest camping gear in more detail. There is so much choice available in today’s world, and we are trying our best to help you make sense of it all. Many thanks for staying with us so far! 

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