Best Kids Electric Scooter for Campsite Fun

From bikes to skateboards, go-karts to roller skates, children LOVE to be able to zip around campsites using any form of transport which can give them the exhilaration and thrill of speed. They’ve often seen their parents driving cars or campervans and want a piece of the action for themselves – we’ve all been there, and it’s totally understandable!

With the recent development of lightweight and efficient lithium batteries, it has never been easier for manufacturers to make powered transport for kids. Electric scooters and hoverboards are probably the best options for parents to choose for their children – they are compact, reasonably quick to charge off an electric hookup and won’t go so fast that they present substantial risk for their kids or nuisance for other campers!

Kids Electric Scooters vs Hoverboards - what's the difference?

First a definition of the terms ‘scooter’ and ‘hoverboard’, because some parents may be confused with the latter and think that it’s something out of Back to the Future 2!

kid on scooterA kids electric scooter will always have a single front wheel connected to a long steering column with handlebars. The steering column will normally be collapsible in order fold up the scooter to make it more compact for easy storage or transporting.

Electric scooters have a fixed footplate to stand on which is parallel with the front wheel and your direction of motion. The footplate typically contains the rechargeable batteries inside it, which adds to the overall weight.

At the rear of the footrest there is usually one (but sometimes two) wheels which are behind the rider and inline with the front wheel. The rider will normally have one foot in front of the other on the footrest when using the scooter, with hands on the handlebars to steer.

Time for a Boost

kids electric scooter throttle

Acceleration on a kids electric scooter is always controlled by a throttle button on the handlebars which supplies battery power to an electric motor in one of the wheels.

If pressure is removed from the throttle then the power will turn off and the scooter can free wheel – this makes them pretty safe as there is no danger of providing power when it’s not required.

It’s also worth remembering that the rider can also use old-fashioned leg power to push themselves along, but funnily enough my daughter never seems to want to do this when she’s having fun on one!

How does your child stop an electric scooter?

Braking on a scooter is usually provided by a foot pedal which is pressed on to the rear wheel using the trailing foot. Kids quickly get the hang of this. More expensive electric scooters will have a dedicated hub or disk brake to stop the scooter with a lever on the handlebars to pull in order to stop.

Some expensive electric scooters use clever technology like regenerative braking to actually charge up the battery using the scooter’s kinetic energy. This can prolong the range that the electric scooter can take you.

child on hoverboardAn electric hoverboard has a couple of key differences to the scooters. Firstly, there is no steering column (!). Secondly the footrest is angled at 90° (transverse) to the direction of motion, with the wheels in place on either side of the rider. The child then stands on the footrest facing forwards – a bit like they are on a pair of joined-up roller-skates! Check out the photo to understand what’s involved.

Hoverboard Motion

You may well ask “how do the kids balance on these things?”. Well it’s all possible due to some pretty clever electronics. The footplate is able to tilt relative to the wheels and includes integrated gyroscopes which consistently monitor the angle of the footplate with respect to the ground. When a rider steps on, a feedback mechanism automatically levels the footplate using a motor and keeps them upright – very nifty!

To move, the rider simply has to lean forwards or backwards and the hoverboard will accelerate in that direction whilst also keeping them balanced! This can be a little unnerving at first but quickly becomes second nature.

Similarly, the hoverboard can turn left or right by putting slightly more pressure on the footplate with the relative leg. The rider can even rotate fully around like a pirouetting ice skater!

Stopping a Kids Electric Hoverboard Without a Faceplant

There is no brake lever to grab on a hoverboard and like all the manoeuvres will  take a bit of practice. The only way to stop is to lean slightly backwards when moving, and the electronics will sense that the rider wishes to brake and will reduce speed for them. Although the hoverboards do a good job of stabilisation, it is possible to fall off if the rider leans too far back – all part of the fun!

Dismounting the hoverboard should be done backwards, otherwise again it is possible to faceplant!

How Does Voltage affect Electric Scooter Performance?

Electric scooters and hoverboards come in various state of total voltage – the usual contenders for kid models are 12V, 24V and 36V. So what does this mean?

Basically the power pack in the footplate of the scooter is made up of a whole host of rechargeable batteries all linked together to increase the oomph. A higher voltage equates to a higher power to drive the motor in the wheel – this means higher torque and ultimately, higher acceleration.

For this reason, kids electric scooters usually operate at 12V or 24V in order that the possible accelerative performance is not too high to become dangerous. You also need to bear in mind that children are much lighter than adults and it therefore does not take as much power to accelerate.

As the battery gets drained then the voltage can drop a bit. This can be detected by a definite drop off in zip. Time to go plug in again!

So what are the best kids electric scooters and hoverboards on the UK market today? We’ve looked at many different models and ranked them in order based on the best combinations of cost, size, range and fun-factor!

Razor Power Core E90 - Great Kids Electric Scooter

Razor Core E90 kids electric scooterThe Razor Power Core E90 is a perfectly tailored electric scooter for children of age 8 and above and includes many features which show that the designers have really thought about their target market. Razor say they’ve sold 13 million electric scooters since 2000 and so it’s clear they know what they’re doing.

Running on 12V power from the lithium batteries stored within the footplate and weighing in at only 9.9kg, the Razor should be easily lifted by most kids. Our review model came in pink colours, but it is also available in green (strangely for £20 cheaper at the time of writing!) and black if your child prefers a more subtle look. Our 10-yr old daughter Loz wanted the neon pink in any case – she’s not a shrinking violet!

Charging is simple – plug it into the mains with the supplied cable. Charge time is around 12 hours, and this provides about 70-80 minutes of run time. Plenty for some fun around the campsite before you go out for the day.

 Razor E90 wheel 1 e1607179566544Getting up to speed

With the Razor, your child has to ‘kick to start’ before the electric motor in the rear wheel hub can add power. This basically means that they have to build up a bit of speed via a few conventional leg swipes on the floor before pushing the throttle button and zooming off to a maximum speed of 10mph. The max speed is not adjustable either up or down which is a shame.

The left handlebar incorporates a proper brake lever connected to a caliper on the front wheel. This stops the scooter very effectively, even from 10mph.

Ride Quality

Razor E90 side view base

Ride quality is reasonably good on smooth tarmac, even though there isn’t a dedicated suspension system. On rougher ground then it can be a little bone-jarring, but kids can generally cope with this and strangely enjoy it! Both tyres are solid rubber which means you also don’t have to worry about campsite puncture repairs which are often fiddly on air-filled equaivalents. In general, there is absolutely no maintenance to do on the Razor. Part of its charm!

Finally – compactness. Unfortunately, the steering column on the Razor does not fold down easily which means you need to consider how you will fit it in your car, campervan or caravan. Luckily the handlebars don’t take up much space and so we are loathe to mark it down too much for this. It does everything else so well.

Overall, the Razor Power Core E90 is a worthy buy for your lucky child or children. I just wish I’d had one when I were a wee lad!

8.5Expert Score
Excellent all-round

We are knocking a point off due to the handlebars not folding and the relatively long 12 hour max charge time, but this is a great kids electric scooter!

Legality of Kids Electric Scooters and Hoverboards

Currently, neither hoverboards or electric scooters for adults or children are legal to use on the road or even street pavements. However, there is a determined effort to make it officially legal to do this. 

On a campsite, it’s a different matter and should generally be ok – however it’s always best to check when arriving on site. Some hoverboards are able to blare out music from in-built Bluetooth speakers, and the campsite and your fellow campers may not appreciate this – just tell your kids to use their noggins!

On public footpaths it’s a bit of a murky area. Most kids electric scooters and hoverboards are not equipped to travel over rough ground, and so it is probably wise not to bring one along on a walk unless you know for a fact that there will be decent surfaces to use it on, or the scooter is especially designed for offroading.

Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter - Overall Best Kids Electric Scooter

Ripsar Pink 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre sideIt’s great to see design features from adult electric scooters filtering down into the child/teen versions. The Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter does just that.

As it’s name implies, this uses a 24V battery for added accelerative pep on the hills. The battery takes around 8 hours to charge from flat although it’s recommended to make sure the first charge is for 12 hours. Supposedly 8 hours is fast charging, but I’m not sure I agree!

Currently costing £199 in the UK at Amazon, the Ripsar is not really a toy. It uses a super-cool twist throttle like on a real motorbike for graduated acceleration. In addition, the steering column folds down flat against the footplate making it very compact to store away. The 6-inch front tyre is chunky and air-filled which makes for a smoother ride then the typical run-flat solid tyres you find. We like it, but dread the thought of puncture repairs. Might be best to add some puncture-proof slime.

Ripsar Pink 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre homeFirst impressions

Yet again, my daughter wanted to try the pink version and it must be said that the description is certainly apt – it is very pink! Quality of build is good and everything felt well screwed together and solid out of the box – weight of the Ripsar itself is 13kg.

Once again, different colours can vary in price. In this case, the blue version is cheaper than the pink, even from the same manufacturer. Slightly bonkers business model, but there must be a reason behind it which I haven’t fully fathomed out yet!

As mentioned above, the steering column is typically locked down against the footplate when stored. It can then be raised up vertically and clamped securely in place. The height of the handlebars is then adjustable between three height positions which is a great feature – it can grow with your children! Height ranges are 85cm, 90cm and 95cm.

Powering Up

Ripsar electric scooter in useThe motor is located within the hub of the rear wheel and is rated at 120W. Top speed is 10mph which is fairly typical for a kids electric scooter – they really do not need to go any faster than this. In fact some campsites have a 5mph speed limit for cars – I wonder if this applies to electric scooters too?!?

Acceleration can be fully controlled by the twist-grip throttle – it is not all or nothing like the Razor E90. This makes such a difference, and my daughter was very happy (although she enjoyed the Razor too). In fact this sums up the whole e-scooter experience – children just like them whether they’re good or bad! Best just to buy one with a decent warranty (the Ripsar has 12 months and excellent company feedback from customers) and your kids will love you for it!

We didn’t fully test the range of the Ripsar, but the battery lasted easily up to two hours, but that was not continuous use. My guess is that it could cover 10 miles on a flat tarmac cycle path, but don’t quote me on that!

In conclusion, there’s not alot to not like about the Ripsar 24V kids electric scooter. It rides well, stores well and has a great throttle response. If you can afford the purchase price then we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

9Expert Score
Great design, quality and performance!

We were impressed with the Ripsar. It is pushing the £200 mark but makes up for it in build quality and poke! Oh and that lovely twist throttle!

Super Important - Safety Gear

‘When I were a lad, it were all fields around here, and I didn’t wear no helmets and kneepads when out on me bike….’ – well this is very true. I didn’t. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea for kids to be protected as much as possible when riding around at up to 10mph on their electric pride and joys.

First off we recommend a decent helmet. Something like the Scwinn Butterly Helmet for kids of 8+ years old. Looks cool and will protect their expanding brains if the unthinkable happens.

JBM Kids Helmet and knee and elbow protector kitAlternatively you can buy a kit of protective gear. JBM make a great set of black protective gear for kids including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads in one bundle for £23.

On a campsite your kids might protest at wearing so much stuff, but that tarmac can easily rip flesh and it makes sense to protect them. 


Sisgad Hoverboard - Best Value Kids Electric Hoverboard

Sisgad kids electric hoverboardNearly all of the hoverboards on the UK market are Chinese imports and so it is always a bit of a gamble as to what you’re going to get. The Sisgad Kids Electric Hoverboard has great customer feedback on Amazon UK and this is backed up by our experience after we were able to spend an afternoon with one belonging to a family friend of ours.

The Sisgad hoverboard can be ordered in a very wide variety of colours. Our friend’s version is white but I think I personally prefer the carbon-effect black in the illustration above. Somehow looks a bit more stealthy, but probably won’t appeal to kids who want bright in-your-face styling.

The wheels of the Sisgad are driven by a 36V volt battery back which gives a range of about 3 miles. It is CE certified which means it must use reputable batteries inside and does not present a safety hazard.

The tyres are solid rubber and will not suffer from punctures. Hoverboards are slightly less likely to be used off road than scooters, and so the solid ride is not much of a problem around campsites on smooth tarmac. Great fun in fact!

Sisgad kids electric hoverboard whiteBattery Performance

Charging is much quicker than comparable electric scooters. This is because the battery pack on board is much smaller – hence the reduced range. Charge time is 2-3 hours giving around 2 hours of continuous use. Personally I like the fact that the battery doesn’t run all day – gives the kids some downtime so they can try some other stuff.

The Sisgad has some groovy LED lighting all over it – on the wheel hubs, on the mudguards, and even on the footplate (deck). The deck LEDs light the path up a little bit if you’re crazy enough to want to try balancing on the hoverboard at night time.

The other thing that needs to be mentioned (although I’d rather not) is that the Sisgad has an integrated Bluetooth speaker. This means that your child can hook their phone up to it wirelessly and blare their ‘beats’ out into the open air as they cruise around the campsite. Needless to say that this isn’t going to go down too well with the residents. Probably best not to use that functionality too much!

Overall, I was impressed with the Sisgard hoverboard. It balances well, looks pretty funky and can carry your kid around for a few hours of fun. All for £150 – what’s not to like?

8.5Expert Score
A fun hoverboard which won't break the bank

A self-balancing hoverboard with a bit of bling. My daughter loved it!

Xootz Kids Electric Scooter - Best Value Scooter Under £100

Xootz Kids Electric ScooterThe Xootz Electric Scooter is the cheapest model we’ve looked at in this roundup of the best children’s options. On the surface of it it seems too good to be true – folding steering column, only 5.3kg in weight, thumb throttle, 10km range. It even won the ‘Made For Mums’ award for best scooter in 2018!

So there’s got to be a catch right? Well the battery is 12V and the belt-driven rear-wheel motor is 70W. This means it can reach a top speed of only 5mph which is a little on the slow side for older kids. However for a 6yr old say, this would be an ideal speed to have a bit of childish fun on. In addition, the brake on the Xootz is foot-operated and is essentially a damper which is pressed against the rear tyre. This works perfectly well for the low speeds which will be encountered.

Another good feature of the Xootz is that when the battery runs out of juice (as it inevitably does) it can be used exactly as a normal scooter – there is no additional drag from the motor as is the case on other varieties of electric scooter.

Xootz Kids Electric Scooter foldingThe Xootz folds up really well and actually has height-adjustable handle bars which is a really useful feature – it means that as your child is growing, the scooter can still be used and will grow with them to some extent.

The Xootz is also not at all waterproof, and some owners have complained that theirs have broken down after riding through puddles – this is a fair-weather device only! Customer service is reported to be good though.

Overall, for the money this is a whole lot of fun for the average 6-7 yr old. For older kids (say over 8) I can see that the 5mph top speed would soon get a bit boring. The Xootz also isn’t going to get up particularly steep inclines with so little power. As a Christmas or birthday present though, any kid would love it.

9Expert Score
Great value for money!

Got a wide range of very positive features - just check out whether that 5mph top speed is enough for your child, and watch for rain and puddles.

ElectriQ Active Kids Electric Scooter

electriQ Active Kids Electric ScooterThe electriQ Active is another low speed 4mph kids electric scooter, but comes in at almost double the price of the Xootz at about £140. So what do you get for the extra money?

Well the electriQ is well made, runs a 22V battery and has about a 3.7 mile range – this means the run time is only about an hour which is around half the typical electric scooter time. On the plus side, the charge time is only 2-3 hours.

Weight is good at 4.7kg, but there is even less poke than the Xootz which is saying something! 

When you look at the Xootz and the electriQ side by side then the latter probably looks better from an adult’s viewpoint. The stealth black paint job looks pretty cool, but occasionally you just have to say to yourself “it shouldn’t be about what I think of it”. The proof is in the pudding. The Xootz was much more of a hit and would save around £60.

You know what to do!

7Expert Score
Looks nice but that's about it

Not an awful kids electric scooter by any means. It just didn't set our world alight. Go for the Xootz!

That concludes this summary of the best kids electric scooter available in the UK currently. Please let us know if you have any more suggestions for us to review!

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