Best Waterproof Walking Boots – Top Rated Durable Boots for Any Trail

There is little point setting off for an epic mountain walk in the UK if the rain starts pouring and your boots leak. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world to have wet socks! Yes, gaiters can help stop inflow via the top of the boot, but if the main material is not fully waterproof then you will not have much fun for long.

In this article we look at the best waterproof walking boots on the market today at a range of price points. The majority of these boots use some form of Gore-Tex membrane to offer breathable yet waterproof performance. This prevents moisture and sweat from accumulating inside the boots, allowing vapour to escape and leaving you with dry feet during your walks and excursions.

We’ve examined many pairs of waterproof walking boots from a range of brands and describe the main pros and cons of our nine top choices, as well as providing a buyer’s guide if you’re just interested in the key features to look for. We’ve deliberately excluded Wellington boots from our analysis as they have their own article

Meindl Meran Gore-Tex Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots

Meindl Meran Gore-Tex Men’s Boots​
Created with a waxed nubuck leather upper, the Meindl Meran Gore-Tex Men’s Waterproof Boots deliver durable performance. Their metal eyelets add to the toughness of the garment. In addition, the Gore-Tex membrane on the men’s waterproof walking boots ensures waterproof and breathable performance in all weather.

Meindl Meran Gore-Tex Men’s Boots​In reality, the Gore-Tex material is designed to withstand the harsh British weather. The boots naturally adapt to the curve of your heel, thanks to memory foam around the ankle. The walking shoes also include a cork and sleeve footbed for maximum underfoot comfort and cushioning.

The Meindl multi-grip outsole on the bottom of the boots provides the best traction, durability, and shock absorption even on wet terrains. The Meindl Comfort-fit last aims to provide a universal fit by increasing space in the forefoot area. Those with wide feet can wear the boots because of this design.

Meindl Meran waterproof walking boots in use

  • Lightweight build – weighing only 650 grams per boot
  • Shock absorbing and high grip outsole design
  • Gore-Tex upper membrane for waterproof and breathable performance
  • Cork and fleece footbed enhance both comfort and warmth
  • Accommodates wider feet thanks to the Comfort-fit last
  • Heel hugging memory foam in the ankle area
  • Not the best option for individuals with narrow feet
  • The exterior takes some time to dry out if soaked


Salomon Men’s Quest 4 Gtx Waterproof Walking Boots

Salomon Men’s Quest 4 Gtx Hiking Boots
If you plan to hike in tricky and extreme terrains, the Salomon Men’s Quest 4 GTX Waterproof Boots are exactly what you need. These waterproof boots include a gripping and supportive outsole technology, making them ideal for long expeditions in challenging weather.

Salomon Men’s Quest 4 Gtx Hiking BootsThe boots’ redesigned unique frame enables sensitive articulation while encircling your feet for added support. Furthermore, the chassis design aids in maintaining smooth and natural strides. For shock absorption and cushioning comfort, the OrthoLite insole works in tandem with the chassis design.

The outsole system includes a protective mudguard that keeps the boots clean and avoids mud accumulation. On even the slickest terrains, the Contagrip sole design improves traction and support. In addition, the gusseted tongue keeps elements, water, and cold air out of the boots, while a protective toe cover keeps injuries from a hit with stones and debris along the path.

Salomon Quest 4

  • Durable Nubuck leather upper with Gore-Tex membrane for a waterproof and breathable finish
  • Leather upper moulds to the shape of your feet for a personalised fit
  • The protective mudguard keeps the boots clean at all times by preventing mud build-up
  • Protective toe cap prevents injuries from impact with stones and other debris on the terrain
  • Contagrip outsole for added traction, grip, and stability even on slippery terrain
  • Gusseted tongue keeps the cold air and debris out
  • The quality of the heels is not the best
  • The boots are not as breathable and cool during hot and warm weather


Berghaus Men’s Explorer Trek Gore-Tex Waterproof Boots

Men’s Explorer Trek Gore-Tex Walking Boots​
The Berghaus Men’s Explorer Trek Walking Boots are non-restrictive and pleasant to walk in throughout extended excursions due to their shorter length. The uppers of the walking boots are made of suede and mesh for a robust and waterproof finish. The addition of mesh material to the upper of the boots improves breathability even more.

Men’s Explorer Trek Gore-Tex Walking Boots​Additionally, the suede and mesh upper provide exceptional comfort and fit. To complement the airy mesh upper, the boot has a Gore-Tex performance comfort footwear lining. The Gore-Tex membrane merges with the mesh upper to form a sealed barrier that keeps water and rain out while allowing you to breathe.

A polyurethane midsole produces an ergonomic holding system inside the walking boots, providing enduring cushioning and great support. For ensured comfort, an adjustable lacing system allows you to fine-tune your fit.

Berghaus Explorer in box

  • PU midsole integrates an ergonomic holding system for durable cushioning and great support. 
  • Adjustable lacing system for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Suede and mesh upper for a flexible and proper fitting finish
  • Mesh upper and Gore-Tex membrane creates a sealed layer to seal out rain and water while maintaining breathability 
  • Short length allows for freedom of movement
  • OrthoLite footbed for added cushioning and support
  • The outsole system wears down quickly
  • Wide fitting shoe – may not be the best option of narrow and some regular feet


Scarpa Men’s Maverick Gore-Tex Waterproof Walking Boots

Scarpa Men’s Maverick Gore-Tex Walking Boots​
On the trails, the Scarpa Men’s Maverick Walking Boots are a mid-cut shape that provides excellent agility and athleticism. The upper of the walking boots is made of tech fabric and microfiber. The waterproof footwear delivers impressive comfort and flexibility thanks to its build, allowing them to adapt to the contour of your feet for a unique fit.

Scarpa Men’s Maverick Gore-Tex Walking Boots​The walking boots have a Gore-Tex lining inside, which helps keep the boots waterproof and breathable. In addition, the walking boots include a revolutionary Scarpa crossover outsole with SuperGum rubber on the bottom to keep your feet firmly anchored.

Furthermore, even while sprinting on rainy and challenging terrain, the lightweight outsole provides stability and traction. The waterproof walking boots also feature an ergonomic Autofit collar with extra padding for optimal adaptability and comfort.

Scarpa Maverick in box

  • Patented Scarpa designed crossover sole with SuperGum rubber which keeps your feet firmly planted.
  • Tech fabric and microfiber upper for a flexible and protective finish
  • Gore-Tex lining for a waterproof and breathable performance
  • Vegan-friendly fabric
  • Autofit collar with special padding for maximum adaptability and comfort
  • Mid-cut style boots for added agility
  • The boots are a little heavy – each weighs 950 grams
  • The grip is a little lacking on smooth surfaces


Scarpa Men’s Terra II Gtx Walking Boots

Scarpa Men’s Terra II Gtx Walking Boots
The Scarpa Men’s Terra II GTX Boots have a sleek and stylish design thanks to the smooth and glossy brown leather upper. But these walking boots aren’t only pretty to look at. Their long-lasting construction adds a lot of value to the field. These supportive and flexible walking shoes are made to meet your outdoor needs all year round.

Scarpa Men’s Terra II Gtx Walking BootsThe walking boots have a Vibram Energy 2 outsole platform with increased rubber composition for improved traction and durability. In addition, a felt layer between the outsole and the midsole provides even more support and ensures a durable chassis.

A PU midsole provides a supportive and progressive flex with substantially less hinge with structural ribs. The walking boots also feature a redesigned last with more volume in the toe box for a more refined and comfortable fit.

Be sure to read our in-depth review of the Scarpa Terra 2 boots for more information.

  • Updated lacing system allows the footwear to fit a wide range of feet shapes.
  • Improved upper seam positioning for accentuated durability
  • Updated cuff design for better comfort
  • Energy 2 Vibram outsole with more rubber for added traction and longevity
  • Additional felt layer between outsole and midsole to act as a durable and supporting chassis
  • PU midsole with structured ribs for a supportive and progressive flex
  • The grip is not as firm
  • Not completely waterproof, so the toes can get a little wet during heavy rain


Peter Storm Men’s Caldbeck Waterproof Walking Boots

Peter Storm Men’s Caldbeck Waterproof Walking Boots
If you are looking for the best quality but affordable Walking Boots, you can’t go wrong with the PeterStorm Men’s Caldbeck Boots. During our testing period, we noticed that the boots featured a strong StormShield waterproof lining. The waterproof lining offers incredible defence from even the worst winter conditions.

Peter Storm Men’s Caldbeck Waterproof Walking BootsThe walking shoes are made with a treated leather grain upper that improves over time. The leather adapts to the contour of your foot over time, providing a more personalised and comfortable fit. In addition, the waterproof walking boots have a wide toe box in the forefoot area. During ascents and descents on the path, the toe box allows the feet to stretch naturally.

The StormGrip outsole has a 100 per cent rubber compound at the bottom for enhanced flexibility, traction, and durability. In addition, the rubber outsole has a deep lug depth and a unique pattern that cuts into the mountainside for even more traction on any terrain.

Peter Storm Caldbeck

  • The treated leather grain upper improves with time
  • StormShield waterproof lining for total protection from water and rain
  • Lightweight Phylon midsole for impressive cushioning
  • 100% rubber StormGrip outsole for confident grip and longevity
  • TPU shank improves support during long walks
  • Deep lug pattern and unique configuration for even better traction
  • Not the best option for snowy terrains or deep puddles
  • Can cause some fatigue over long walks


Sprayway Men’s Oxna Mid Hydrodry Walking Boots

Sprayway Men’s Oxna Mid Hydrodry Walking Boots
For superior ventilation throughout your treks, we recommend the Sprayway Men’s Oxna Mid Walking Boots. Featuring a mid-cut style design, the waterproof boots allow for better freedom of movement. The mid-cut style also promotes adequate air circulation inside the boots.

Sprayway Men’s Oxna Mid Hydrodry Walking BootsFor added comfort, the footwear has a HydroDRY full bootie construction membrane that wraps around the feet. The HydroDRY full bootie membrane is also waterproof and breathable, making the boots suitable even in the event of a sudden downpour.

As if that wasn’t enough, the uppers of the walking boots are made of 1.8mm suede leather. The suede upper is then coupled with mesh panels for maximum breathability and comfort in the boots. In addition, a lightweight EVA midsole provides excellent comfort and cushioning, especially on rugged terrain.


  • Sprayway high rubber content insole for increased grip and traction
  • Exaggerated heel step for even better grip on wet and muddy conditions
  • HydroDRY full bootie waterproof and breathable membrane
  • The HydroDRY full bootie construction wraps around your feet for comfort
  • Lightweight EVA midsole delivers superior cushioning
  • Lightweight construction – only 480 grams
  • Not as waterproof in extremely wet condition
  • The rubberised areas of the boots may begin to crack over time


Zamberlan Men’s Vioz Waterproof Walking Boots

Zamberlan Men’s Vioz Boots
For those heavily loaded hikes and backpacking trips, we recommend the Zamberlan Men’s Vioz Boots. Integrating high-quality full-grain leather upper, the boots can take in heavy loads without succumbing to the pressure.

Zamberlan Men’s Vioz BootsFor temperature management and to survive humid conditions, the upper material is further treated with Hydrobloc. Waterproofing and breathability are improved thanks to the Gore-Tex performance comfort lining. The waterproof boots include a rocker shape and a Flex system around the ankle zone to help you thrive on your hikes.

During trekking, its design keeps the foot from rolling. The patented Zamberlan Vibram 3D outsole on the bottom provides adequate grip and traction, while the undercut heel helps to brake.


  • Built for backpacking and hiking with heavy loads
  • Low-density PU wedge midsole for cushioning comfort
  • Hydrobloc treated full grain waxed leather for added longevity and climate control
  • Ankle Flex system and rocker profile prevents your feet from rolling during hikes
  • Undercut heel offers secure braking
  • High grip Zamberlan Vibram 3D outsole system
  • Not available in a range of colours
  • It can cause foot pain for some people


Lowa Men’s Renegade Gtx Mid Waterproof Walking Boots

Lowa Men’s Renegade Gtx Mid Walking Boots
A 7/8 TPU stabiliser of the Lowa Men’s Renegade Waterproof Walking Boots provides incredible torsion and flexible stability. With the stabiliser, you can take longer hikes and walks. The walking footwear features a patented Lowa MONOWRAP construction frame at the upper area.

Lowa Men’s Renegade Gtx Mid Walking BootsThe boots stabilise and protect all parts of your foot thanks to their frame construction. In addition, the Nubuck leather upper material adds durability and flexibility to the boots, allowing them to conform to your feet’s shape.

The Gore-Tex liner enhances the waterproof and breathable performance of the boots. Furthermore, it performs admirably in terms of temperature control. The heel stabiliser ensures a synchronised roll through, while the non-slip Vibram outsole is suitable for various terrains and activities.

  • TPU stabiliser for optimal torsion, flexibility, and stability
  • Patented Lowa MONOWRAP frame construction stabilises and protects all areas of your feet
  • Nubuck leather upper for reliable strength, comfort, and flexibility
  • High grip Vibram EVO outsoles for sure-footed trails
  • Gore-Tex lining for increased waterproofness, breathability, and temperature regulation
  • Injected PU technology for cushioning comfort
  • The insoles are not very cushioning
  • Not recommended in snowy and icy conditions


Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Waterproof Walking Boots

When looking for the best waterproof walking boots, don’t only look at how well they repel water. Ensure the boots fit you well and are comfortable even on lengthy hikes, among other essential qualities to consider. We’ve included an in-depth buying guide for selecting the best outdoor footwear below.

  • Waterproofing

When looking for the best waterproof walking boots, this is likely an essential feature to consider. Different waterproofing procedures are used in these boots. The best solutions, however, include a Gore-Tex lining or membrane.

The Gore-Tex membrane uses a superior wicking technology. It seals off the inside of your boots from water and rain. At the same time, the membrane lets moisture and sweat escape the interior, keeping your feet dry and breathable.

  • Upper 

Leather, microfibre, or synthetic materials are used in the best waterproof walking boots. These materials are perfect for protecting from the weather. They also add to the waterproof and breathable qualities. Remember that the upper half of the boots provides foot and ankle support and covers the tops of your feet.

  • The Sole System

An outsole, midsole, and footbed make up the anatomy of your footwear. The best waterproof walking boots usually have a rubber outsole, promoting grip and traction even when wet. Deeply lugged outsoles are a preferable alternative depending on your trekking excursion.

This is due to its ability to quickly dig into the ground and avoid sliding on smooth or wet surfaces. The midsole is located inside the boot and aids in providing proper flex. If you are walking on rugged terrains, like rocky edges, you’ll want a stiffer midsole.

A more flexible midsole is perfect for regular walking. The best waterproof walking boots have a TPU, PU, or EVA midsole. The footbed, often known as the insole, is where the bottom of your foot rests inside your footwear.

As a result, you should choose boots with a more cushioned and shock-absorbing footbed. Some boots even have a removable insole that you may change with a different insole that you can buy separately.

  • Toe Box

Your boots’ fit and protection are improved with a toe box and heel counter. Between the lining and the exterior part of the boots, the toe box and heel counter are usually buried. Boots with toe boxes and heel counters provide additional protection from pebbles and debris on the terrain.

A toe box also adds volume to the forefoot, letting you wiggle your toes freely. Technical boots also have a toe rand that runs around the edge of the boot. The toe rand, like a toe box, shields your foot from abrasions.

  • Other Features

Some of the best walking shoes come with extra features to help you get the most out of your money. Gusseted tongues and cushioned tongues are two of these traits. The tongue is usually linked to the upper with bellows.

This design compliments the boots’ protective construction by keeping water and dirt out of the interior. It also aids in a better fit. Make sure the tongue of your boots fits properly and does not create any pressure areas on your foot while purchasing them.

For a better and more comfortable fit, a cushioned collar or cuff wraps around your ankles. Technical boots should have a high and solid cuff as a general rule. However, the collar of leisure or short-distance walking boots should be more flexible.

  • Fit

You shouldn’t rely on selecting the proper size for your waterproof walking boots solely on size. It’s also vital to get the right fit. In general, you should go for snug-fitting boots that aren’t too tight or too loose. Several additional elements, however, play a role in ensuring that you locate the proper match. These are some of them:

Getting The Right Sock Pair

In addition to improving the fit, cushioning, decreasing impact, and preventing blisters, investing in a nice pair of walking socks is also crucial. You should also test on your boots with these socks to make sure they fit properly.

Measuring Your Feet

Boot sizes are standard. However, there are minor differences across brands. A size 12 of brand A, for example, could be a size 12.5 of brand B. Simply measure your feet to ensure you get the correct size from any manufacturer.

Place your feet on a simple A4-sized piece of paper and trace the outer part of your feet on the paper using a pencil. Next, measure the distance between the tip of your thumb and the longest end of your feet with a ruler or tape. The length can then be used to discover the ideal boot size from any brand.

Check The Fit

Following the selection of your boot size, the next obvious step is to confirm proper fit. Remove the insole (if it’s removable) and put on the boots to do so. These boots should have at least a finger’s width of room between the toes and the front of the footbed.

You should notice a noticeable difference in size when you stand up while wearing the boots. Additionally, there should be no pressure or squeezing around the feet when walking in the boots.

Most boots need to be broken in since they are stiff when new. However, even before breaking in the boots, they should not be so stiff that they cause blisters. You should also be able to reach inside your boots with your fingers. However, don’t give them too much room, or they’ll get loose.


You should be able to easily get a fingertip beneath the crossing of the laces when you lace up your boots tightly. Furthermore, you want your boots to be comfy and not put any pressure on your feet.

Check the volume as well as the size. Distinct people have different foot forms. You can find people with regular, thin, or wide feet. Even if you choose the correct boot size, if you have wide feet and choose boots with a bit of volume, they will feel tight. Instead, wide-footed boots should be your first choice.

Lacing boots can be done in a variety of ways. However, there are two typical lacing ways for ensuring that your boots fit correctly. First, lace your boots to the top, loop the laces around the eyelets, direct the laces down the boot, and hook them into the eyelets for maximum ankle mobility.

Then, around the ankle area, tie a tight bow. Next, tie the laces from the toes, pass the ankles over themselves around the ankle area, and loop them together for proper heel tension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do I Care For My Boots?

It’s easy to take care of your boots. First, simply wipe the boots clean on the outside using a damp towel. Next, remove any mud or debris from the boots with a soft-bristled brush before applying a waterproofing compound. However, wait until the boots have completely dried before wearing them. Do not put the boots in a dryer, heated area, or near a heater during the drying process to avoid shrinking or cracking. Instead, pack the boots with paper to speed up the drying process.

2. Why are My Boots Causing Blisters?

Blisters on your foot can be caused by a variety of factors, including your boots. Poorly fitting boots (due to overstretching overtime or the wrong size) and wearing improper socks are two of the most common causes of blisters. Blisters can also be caused by a lack of arch support, poor or worn out midsole cushioning, and poor ventilation (which causes your feet to swell and sweat).

3. How Do I Break In My Boots? 

You can break in your boots in a variety of ways. Walking around the home or outside while wearing the boots or wearing the boots with thick socks are just a few of the actions to take to break in your boots faster. You can also bend the boot and walk on the heel, albeit this may compromise the boot’s integrity in some cases. You can also use a boot stretcher, condition and moisturise your boots, or stuff them with paper that resembles the shape of your feet (but don’t overstuff them).

4. How Long Does It Take To Break In My Boots?

The break-in period depends on the shoe design and quality. The break-in period takes about 1 to 2 weeks or after 3 to 5 hikes.


You can have a better hiking and trekking journey with the best waterproof walking boots. The fact that these outdoor shoes provide two vital functions sets them apart. What more could you ask for on the trails than totally waterproof and breathable footwear?!

Furthermore, each boot has its own set of features, allowing everyone to discover the best fit for their needs. So, for an outstanding outdoor experience, take your time to choose the appropriate pair from the 9 top best recommendations above.

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