Best 4 Season Sleeping Bag – Top Rated Sleeping Bags for Year-Round Use

Are you looking for a sleeping bag that can withstand any temperature Mother Nature can throw at you? If you’ve ever been backpacking or wild camping, you’ll know how essential keeping warm is, and if there is a chance of snow or temperatures below freezing then a 4 season sleeping bag is the way to go.

During warmer weather, a 4 season sleeping bag can still be used, especially the more expensive options on the market which typically offer superior breathability, making your nights more comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, you get to enjoy optimal airflow, which can help combat the heat via ventilation to keep you cool if you’re burning up.

The downside of all that heat retention and insulation is a bulkier packed size and increased weight over the 2-3 season bags. For general campsite camping in a tent or campervan/caravan, we would recommend foregoing the 4 season sleeping bag for the reduced insulation options. However, if you are planning on UK overnight backpacking in autumn or especially winter then a 4 season sleeping bag and thermal sleeping pad combination will be required.

To help you choose the best four-season sleeping bag, we’ve put together a list of the top seven options we’ve seen as well as an in-depth buyer’s guide to highlight the features and performance you’re going to need when out in the wilds in all seasons.

Robens Couloir 750 Sleeping Bag

Robens Couloir 750 Sleeping Bag

The Robens Couloir 750 Sleeping Bag is the best choice for optimum satisfaction. The shark fin foot pattern of the 4 season sleeping bag ensures a comfortable experience. In addition, this design includes an ergonomically shaped section that allows you to relax in a natural position all night long.

The mummy-shaped tent also promotes a body contour profile for the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, the sleeping bag’s RDS-certified natural duck-down filling provides high-performance insulation, keeping you warm even in frosty weather.

Its 2-way YKK auto-lock zip mechanism makes it easy to put on and take off. On top of that, the double-sided sip baffle helps keep the sleeping bag warm throughout the night.

Robens Couloir 750 Sleeping Bag

  • 100% durable nylon outer shell and lining fabric
  • Hanger loops for easy drying
  • Heat collar with adjustable fit and elastic cord closing
  • The collar and elastic cord prevent draughts and heat loss
  • Compression stuff sack for packability
  • Convenient central zip for quick access and partial opening while seated
  • It comes with a hefty price tag
  • Heavier than other similar options


Rab Solar 2 XL Sleeping Bag

Rab Solar 2 XL Sleeping Bag

The Rab Solar 2 XL sleeping bag has 950 grammes of patented Stratus polyester insulation, making it suitable for camping in chilly spring and summer evenings. Additionally, the sleeping bag keeps you warm and comfy in temperatures as low as one degree Celsius, thanks to the polyester insulation.

Rab Solar 2 XL Sleeping BagThe bag has a shingled upper and blanket base to complement the warm insulation filling for even more underbody warmth. This design also makes it easier to compress the bag and pack it away. Moreover, an angled foot box promotes a more natural sleeping posture.

On the other hand, the full-length anti-snag zipper allows for smooth and quick access. A stash pocket within the sleep sack enables you to store all of your minor essentials. As a result, you don’t have to get out in the cold once you’re warm and comfy – whether you need your phone or extra hand warmers.


  • Temperatures ranging from 4 degrees Celsius to -16 degrees Celsius
  • Internal 3D collar and hood with a drawcord
  • Bonded zip guard for anti-snag function
  • Internal stash pockets for essentials such as hand warmers
  • Shingled upper and blanket base construction for added insulation
  • It fits folks up to 6 feet 5 inches tall
  • Only suitable for two seasons
  • Available in a single colour option


OEX Leviathan EV 900 Sleeping Bag

OEX Leviathan EV 900 Sleeping Bag
The OEX Leviathan Sleeping Bag is made of lightweight materials and has a compact design that allows it to be packed when not in use. In addition, the sleeping bag comes with a compression stuff pack that makes it easy to carry and transport.

Despite this, the 900gsm/600 fill power duck down insulation has a significantly low cold rating. The sleeping bag provides warmth in temperatures as low as -9 degrees Celsius thanks to the premium duck insulation.

However, it can keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as -16 degrees Celsius. On top of that, the down fill helps the sleeping bag preserve its loft even when wet, helping you stay warm in cold and clammy conditions.
OEX Leviathan EV 900 Sleeping Bag

  • Includes internal wind and neck baffles
  • Zipper band with anti-snag properties
  • Inside lining provides added comfort
  • Works well in temperatures as low as -39 degrees
  • Made of durable 20D nylon shell and lining
  • Features a draught collar, foot box, and hood
  • May not be able to provide adequate warmth in stone-cold temperatures
  • The down may ooze out after some time


Deuter Astro Pro 400 Sleeping Bag

Deuter Astro Pro 400 Sleeping Bag

Do you plan to go camping in the wild? The Deuter Astro Pro 400 Sleeping Bag is designed to withstand such extremes. The sleeping bag has a ThermoHood design and a DryZone water-resistant covering to keep you safe from unexpected rains and the cold.

Even with heavy socks on, the ErgoFoot Pro box shape fits your feet in a natural and comfortable posture for optimum comfort. In addition, its stretch comfort technology lets you toss and turn all night long without compromising its functioning.

Furthermore, you can stash essential items like a torch or your mobile phone in an inner pocket if you need them in the middle of the night. Finally, you can simply slip in and out of the sleep sack thanks to an anti-jamming zip strip.

Deuter Astro Pro 400 Sleeping Bag

  • Bluesign approved 400g filling with a 450+ fill power
  • Temperature rating as low as -20 degrees Celsius (extreme)
  • Inside pocket to stash essential items
  • Top and bottom anti-jamming zip strip
  • Stretch comfort system allows you to sleep as comfortably as you would in your bed
  • There are no zippers on the interior pocket
  • Internal seams are a bit annoying


Sprayway Comfort 300 Sleeping Bag

Sprayway Comfort 300 Sleeping Bag

The Sprayway Comfort 300 Sleeping Bag’s printed cotton flannel lining is delightfully comfortable, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. Other than that, the flannel cotton lining allows for excellent temperature regulation and provides next-to-skin comfort.

Sprayway Comfort 300 Sleeping Bag

Its double-layered base and top provide exceptional comfort and warmth. These top and bottom sections are insulated with 2 x 150 g/m2 to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius.

The quick-drying poly-cotton exterior has a soft grip for long-lasting comfort and breathability. An extra layer of insulation is provided by the hood, while an inside pocket and storage bag allows you to store essential items.


  • Quick-drying outer fabric
  • Cotton flannel lining for temperature regulation and comfort
  • Inside pocket and storage bag for easy storage
  • Top and base 150g/m2 thermal insulation for maximum warmth
  • Reasonably priced
  • The luxurious cotton flannel lining
  • There is only one colour option available
  • Heavy build and material


Mountain Hardwear Phantom -9C Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear Phantom -9C Sleeping Bag

The Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag is made with 850 fill goose-down insulation for the best warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility. In addition, the outer 10D recycled shell is lightweight and compressible, complementing the goose-down filling.

The fabric bag also has a down-filled face gasket that effectively blocks draughts at the hood opening to keep you toasty all night. The four-chamber hood design keeps enough loft around the head to keep you warm.

On the other end, the draught collar prevents warm air from escaping the bag. Its mummy-cut design ensures optimum warmth and minimal weight. Moreover, a contoured foot box allows for natural foot placement.

Mountain Hardwear Phantom -9C Sleeping Bag

  • Easy ventilation with a two-way zipper system
  • Includes a lightweight nylon compression and mesh storage sack
  • Four chamber hood maintains loft evenly around the head for consistent warmth
  • Reflective zipper pulls and a glow-in-the-dark outer fabric
  • Available in short, regular, and long sizes – accommodating persons up to 6’6” tall
  • Durable water repellent finish
  • The build is slightly too narrow
  • More expensive than other similar options


VANGO Nitestar Alpha 225 Sleeping Bag

VANGO Nitestar Alpha 225 Sleeping Bag
The VANGO Nitestar Alpha 225 Sleeping Bag is ideal for those who want to enjoy maximum thermal efficiency. The sleeping bag is fashioned like a mummy and tapers from the shoulders to the feet. This design decreases the size of the pack while enhancing thermal efficiency.

VANGO Nitestar Alpha 225 Sleeping Bag

Although it’s not strictly a 4-season sleeping bag, we’ve included it in our recommendations because it does a great job most of the time and for an exceptional price.

The bag has an offset double-layer structure with offset seams to minimise cold patches at the stitching lines. Its Alpha insulation is lightweight and warm, yet it also folds neatly for convenient storage.

The soft-touch interior with a cosy, snug, and breathable finish is made of 100% polyester 190 T slightly brushed lining. Moreover, a patented Polair Diamond shell with embossed polyester fabric on the exterior adds a stylish look.


  • Evenly spaced out horizontal stitching for equal insulation
  • Insulated adjustable shoulder baffle retains heat within the sleeping bag
  • Woven zip puller for easy and quick operation
  • Two-way auto-lock zip seals in warmth and adjusts ventilation
  • Auto-lock prevents the bag from opening when in use
  • Zip guard with anti catch piping prevents the zipper from snagging on the lining
  • Limited options in colours
  • Not the best choice for the winter season


Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best 4 Season Sleeping Bag

When looking for the best four-season sleeping bag, pay attention to some significant qualities. Remember that an all-season sleeping bag is best for chilly temperatures. As a result, when deciding on the most suitable solution, keep the climatic profile in mind.

We’ve listed some of the essential factors to consider when selecting the best four-season sleeping bag.

  • Seasons

There are four distinct season ratings for sleeping bags, so you’ll be able to find sleeping bags for one, two, three, and four seasons. A one-season sleeping bag is meant to keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius throughout the summer.

On the other hand, a two-season sleeping bag is perfect for the late spring to early fall months, providing warmth up to 5 degrees Celsius. During the late fall or mild winter evenings, the three-season sleeping bag can withstand temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Finally, the four-season sleeping bag provides protection in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius on chilly winter evenings.

  • Temperature Rating

The best four-season sleeping bags come in a variety of temperature ratings to fit the weather conditions. Severe, higher, and limit ratings are among them. The comfort grade represents the standard temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The person inside the sleeping bag will not feel cold or uncomfortable at this temperature. The limit rating is similar to the comfort rating, except it applies to an adult man rather than a female. The upper limit is the maximum temperature at which an adult may sleep without sweating or experiencing discomfort.

The extreme rating denotes the likelihood of surviving in frigid temperatures that might result in hypothermia. A sleeping bag, for example, may have a comfort rating of around 1 degree Celsius. As a result, the bag is well-suited to provide insulation in the respective environment.

However, the same sleeping bag may be rated for temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. This indicates that at this temperature, the tent may provide some shelter. Regardless, you may also need to get a warmer bag.

  • Material

Four-season sleeping bags are available in a choice of synthetic or down fillings. Synthetic sleeping bags are filled with artificial polyester fibres that are less expensive and more durable. In addition, when wet, they retain their functionality compared to down. They don’t, however, provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio.

Down sleeping bags are warmer than synthetic ones. Additionally, the down insulation filling is lighter and more compact, allowing you to compress them into a smaller size for storage. Despite that, these sleeping bags are preferable for dry weather since they clump and lose their insulating qualities when wet.

  • Types

Four-season sleeping bags come in a variety of types. When unzipped, standard sleeping bags are usually rectangular, allowing you more room to walk around. You may also use regular sleeping bags as a blanket.

On the other hand, mummy sleeping bags provide a more snug fit. They offer additional warmth due to the close-to-skin fit. These sleeping bags taper to the feet, head, and shoulders due to their design.

Mummy sleeping bags are also more lightweight. Additionally, you can also find double sleeping bags in various shapes to accommodate more than one sleeper.

  • Other Features

When shopping for a sleeping bag, you should seek additional features that will enhance its utility. Some of the popular features include;


There are four different zipper systems available for sleeping bags. These include full-zip, three-quarter zip, half zip, and double zip. A double zip is an excellent choice since it allows for optimum ventilation and temperature control. Ideally, opt for a zipper system equipped with a zip baffle.

A zip baffle is a flap of cloth placed behind the zipper to keep heat from leaving the sleeping bag’s inside. On the other hand, a zippered cover conceals the zipper mechanism. This design provides a secure functionality that prevents the sipper from being undone. The zip cover also serves as an additional layer of insulation.

Foot Box

In mummy-style sleeping bags, the foot box provides maximum comfort. The foot box wraps around the feet and has a contoured fit for a more comfortable fit and natural foot posture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I Have to Sleep With My Clothes on in a Sleeping Bag?

It is entirely dependent on your personal preferences, although clothes provide additional warmth and insulation. Sleeping bags are made to trap body heat. The amount of insulation between the skin and the chilly air outside increases when you wear clothes. This, in turn, allows you to stay warm wearing clothes than if you were naked.

2. Which Is Better – a Regular or Long Sleeping Bag?

A regular sleeping bag is appropriate for people of average height. A long sleeping bag, on the other hand, is recommended for taller persons. While standard sleeping bags can accommodate persons up to 6 feet tall, those 6 feet and above should use a long sleeping bag to prevent cramping caused by limited space.

3. What Does the Comfort Rating Indicate?

The comfort rating represents a standard temperature at which an average adult may sleep comfortably for up to 8 hours without getting cold or uncomfortable. The severe, higher, and limit ratings are examples of other ratings. Others include the extreme, upper, and limit ratings.


Even if it’s cold and rainy outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor activities! With the best 4 season sleeping bag, you can experience optimal warmth and insulation in the outdoors.

In fact, premium quality sleep sacks can even withstand extreme freezing temperatures. So, for your next outdoor adventures, take your pick of the best 4 season sleeping bag above for comfort during the cold weather.

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