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Thank you for visiting Camping Secrets  – we are absolutely enchanted to meet you in  this newly developing part of cyberspace ! Some introductions may be in order – we are Alison, Marc and Loz and we’ve created this website for your reading pleasure. We hope it helps you on your quest to better enjoy the great outdoors – within the UK and beyond.

We currently live in the Midlands of the UK, close to Birmingham. Being in such close proximity to a major city has several advantages, but having ample green spaces where you can lose yourself is not one of them. For many years we’ve therefore spent at least 1 in 4 of our weekends travelling away from home, exploring the UK first in tents, then in caravans and finally in our dream campervan

Each of us enjoy walking and cycling and we hope to use Camping Secrets to highlight some of our favourite routes, and lesser-visited spots to visit. We’ve tried all sorts of gear over the years, and hope to now also use the website to review and promote a range of products which get things done in an efficient, reliable and value for money way. We aim to only review products which we have seen first hand either via industry contacts or via friends and family.

Camping gear is an essential part of the whole experience. Bad gear can mean the difference between enjoyment or desperation, contentment vs stress or even safety vs danger. We are not gear snobs, but experience tells us that it is very rarely worthwhile buying the cheapest item you see for sale. A well-designed tool or gadget or item of camping furniture will last you a lifetime and give you pleasure when it fulfills the task it was purchased for. Here at Camping Secrets we are dedicated to recommending those items which best balance the design aspects against the cost aspects – we know not everyone has got hundreds of pounds to buy the best of the best. That’s why we feel our website provides a useful service to you, the reader, in finding value for money among the multitude of options out there.

Our real love at the moment is our Mercedes Marco Polo campervan, and we especially hope to build up a section on the Camping Secrets site charting it’s design and development at Westfalia, as well as providing handy tips and hints we’ve gleaned after our last couple of years ownership. We also own multiple tents and can test items in a VW California, a VW Transporter camper conversion and several caravans which are owned by family and friends.

We hope you enjoy perusing the site – it’s early days at the moment, but please keep checking back as we think it will transform over the coming months. Most importantly, keep getting outside – it really is the solution to so many problems.

Happy Camping!

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Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash
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