The Best Places To Go Camping And Outdoor Bouldering

Are you looking for a fun-filled adventure that combines the best of camping and outdoor bouldering? Look no further than the United Kingdom (UK).

With some of the world’s best landscapes and terrain, the UK is home to a number of globally renowned camping and bouldering spots, such as Bonehill Rocks, that thousands of nature lovers and adrenaline junkies flock to each year.  

If you and your loved ones are looking for the best places to go in an upcoming camping and outdoor bouldering trip soon in the UK, this post is for you. This feature aims to provide you with helpful pieces of information containing top-reviewed camping and outdoor bouldering destinations that can make your and your family’s trip a success. Read on to learn more.

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Camping And Outdoor Bouldering 101

Camping and outdoor bouldering are two outdoor activities that provide fun and unforgettable memories to families, friend groups, workplace teams, and so on. 

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity where people spend time away from home in a natural setting. It usually involves setting up a temporary shelter, such as a tent or a recreational vehicle, to sleep in overnight. Camping allows people to connect with nature, enjoy the fresh air and other features nature has to offer, and partake in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

Camping has become a popular pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds in the UK. It’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend quality time with friends and family. There are many different types of camping, from roughing it in the wilderness with minimal supplies to staying in a fully-equipped RV at a campground.

The Best Places To Go Camping And Outdoor Bouldering 2Camping can be enjoyed in many different settings, including national and state parks, wilderness areas, and commercial campgrounds. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have the right gear and supplies for your trip. Whether you’re an experienced camper or a first-timer, camping is a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to connect with nature and create lasting memories.

Meanwhile, what’s outdoor bouldering? Outdoor bouldering is an activity which involves individuals doing free rock climbing on cliffs, mountains, and other land terrain without a safety harness or ropes. This may sound dangerous, but often when starting people typically try it from a low height and with a thick mat underneath to drop onto if things go wrong. As you get more confident, you can progress to bigger climbs and more risk – the thrill grows with the risk!

For many beginners in outdoor bouldering, climbing centres across the country are an ideal jumping board they can try out. These facilities are run by experts and allow new climbers to try out the sport safely under the supervision of trained outdoor bouldering coaches. Appropriate climbing techniques are learnt in these centres that outdoor bouldering beginners can apply when they’re ready to hit the countryside.

Say you’re ready to do actual outdoor bouldering – where do you go? Well below we’ve listed some of our favourite bouldering locations around the UK. Please note that different bouldering destinations are designated with different grades depending on their difficulty level. It’s recommended that you stick with easier treks first before progressing to more difficult bouldering spots.

Due to their very similar nature and goal, camping and outdoor bouldering are two activities that are usually put together during outdoor trips in the UK. 

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Top Camping And Outdoor Bouldering Destinations in the UK

Because of its geographic makeup and inviting climate, the UK boasts different sites that are ideal for individual and group camping and outdoor bouldering. Check out some of them below. 

  • Bonehill Rocks In Dartmoor

One particularly noteworthy location for outdoor bouldering is Bonehill Rocks in Dartmoor. Bonehill Rocks is an outdoor boulderer’s dream located in the southwest of England. The area consists of granite outcrops that’ve been weathered over time yet still have the allure and charm that outdoor bouldering practitioners love. 

Outdoor fans flock to Bonehill Rocks because of its ability to host events all-year-round thanks to its geography and climate. In addition, the area is nearby multiple ideal camping sites where you and your group can pitch your tents or park your caravan. If you’re in Bonehill Rocks to do bouldering, you can go camping too at Cator Hill View campsite.

  • Bosigran In Cornwall

Bosigran in Cornwall is a gargantuan granite cliff off the sea located in a cove in West Penwith. 

It’s said that the area is a reliable outdoor bouldering spot due to its features and how they make climbing possible even if the surrounding weather and sea conditions are rough. There are several areas of the cliff that you can climb, including the Great Zawn, the Seaward Cliff, and others like them. 

If you and your loved ones are visiting Bosigran for outdoor bouldering, your group can also go camping nearby. Some of the nearest campsites in the area include Veryan Club Site, Sennen Cove Club Site, and so on.

  • Saint Bees Head In Cumbria

Cumbria is the go-to place if you’re looking for breathtaking views and beautiful outdoor landscapes to visit. In Cumbria, Saint Bees Head is the perfect spot for outdoor bouldering with views which are unlikely to be found anywhere else in all of the coast of North West England. Different boulders are present in Saint Bees Head that both newbies and professionals can tackle. 

The Saint Bees Head area is ideal for camping too. You can pitch your tents or park your caravan in the nearest campsites like Derwentwater Club Site, Ravenglass Club Site, Keswick Club Site, and so on Braithwaite Village Club Site.

  • Snowdonia National Park

In Wales’ Snowdonia National Park, you’ll find numerous rocky valley formations that are ideal for outdoor bouldering. Top spots for bouldering include Sheeps Pen, Utopia Boulders, Wavelength Boulders, and so on.

Meanwhile, several areas covered by the Snowdonia National Park are conducive for camping excursions too.

The above mentioned list are just a few spots you and your loved ones can enjoy when camping and outdoor bouldering. If you want to find out more possible areas, you can ask fellow camping and outdoor bouldering enthusiasts online of their top picks.  

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an adventure that combines camping and outdoor bouldering, look no further than the UK. With its stunning landscapes and diverse terrain, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure in the Land of Fish and Chips. So pack your bags and head out into nature – you won’t regret it!

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