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Polycotton vs Polyester Tents – Get the Full Lowdown in 3 Minutes

It was so easy in the old days - you bought a canvas tent and that was your lot. It weighed a ton and took the best part of a day to put up, but at least you ...

Best Camping Lights for Tents – Top 8 Outdoor Lanterns

As soon as the nights start drawing in, it quickly becomes essential to have some form of lantern to light up your living space. If you are camping in a tent ...

10 Types of Tent for Camping and When You’d Use Them

Tents are essential items for a camping trip - humans need shelter and warmth to survive, and tents provide both. But there are many different varieties of ...

MSR Elixir 2 Review – Two-Person Adventure Tent

Experienced outdoorsman Conor McElroy delves into the MSR Elixir 2 for Camping Secrets, and gives his honest verdict on this well regarded backpacking ...

Coleman Cobra 2 Review – a Gem of an Adventure Tent

Our roving adventurer and photographer Matt Lynch has pitched his trusty Coleman Cobra 2 tent all over the globe on wild camping expeditions. He gives us his ...

Kampa Cross Air Review – A Flexible and Lightweight Driveaway Awning

We get to grips with the Kampa Cross Air Driveaway Awning and find much to be impressed by.....Why we like the Kampa Cross Air: Modular; ...

Best Inflatable Tent for Family Camping

So what IS an inflatable tent? Remember how you used to listen to music on your trusty old CD player, but then looked around and noticed that the whole ...

Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air driveaway awning

https://campingsecrets.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Awning2-1.m4v The Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air is one of our favourite drive-away awnings - ...

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