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5 Reasons You Should Try Out A Campervan

Travelling is a fun activity that provides countless benefits, but do you know what can make the experience better? Travelling in a campervan. A campervan is a ...

Caravan vs Campervan vs Motorhome – which wins in a fight?

It's the age old dilemma which really doesn't have a solution but we're going to try anyway. The trade-off between the pros and cons of ...

Motorhome Vacuum Cleaner Hacks to Access All Areas…

This is just a short blog post on some of the techniques we've found useful for vacuum cleaning some of the harder-to-reach spots in our Mercedes Marco Polo ...

16 Best VW Campervan Accessories – Our Top Camper Van Gadget Picks

Volkswagen make the archetypal camper vans - there's no way of avoiding their history and legacy when it comes to deciding on what to buy. Style and grace, ...

Quarkace Campervan Bin Review – a Great Motorhome Trash Can

The Quarkace Campervan Bin is a hidden gem - we put it through it's paces....Why we recommend the Quarkace Bin: Great value; Quality ...

Mercedes Marco Polo Camper Van Overview

Welcome to our overview of the Mercedes Marco Polo campervan, based on extensive personal experience of a 2018 model. Although this is a "work in progress", ...

Mercedes Marco Polo – Key 2021 Specifications at a Glance

Here is a table showing the key information about the 2021 Mercedes Marco Polo dimensions, weights and engine specs at a glance. Marco Polo size ...

8 Kickass Tips For Maximizing Your Campervan Love

Photo by Eliza Szablinska on UnsplashIn a first for Camping Secrets, we'd like to introduce you to guest poster (and photographer) Rob Davies - Rob has a ...

Top Ten Essential Extras for new Mercedes Marco Polo owners

So you've just bought yourself a sparkly new Mercedes Marco Polo? Well congratulations on what we hope and suspect will be a great decision for a future filled ...

Mercedes Marco Polo interior – the Rear Living Area

The main 'living zone' of the Marco Polo is the area behind the front seats which stretches rearwards to the boot. The living zone contains a pair of motorized ...

Mercedes Marco Polo campervan – an introduction

What is the Mercedes Marco Polo, and why did we buy one? We've owned lots of tents. We've owned a few caravans. We've drunkenly bought a Hiace campervan ...

Is this the ultimate Marco Polo upgrade?'s be honest - the Marco Polo comes out of the Mercedes factory in a pretty much ...

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