Mercedes Marco Polo

Hints, tips and info on the Mercedes Marco Polo campervan

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Mercedes Marco Polo Camper Van Overview

Welcome to our overview of the Mercedes Marco Polo campervan, based on extensive personal experience of a 2018 model. Although this is a "work in progress", ...

Mercedes Marco Polo – Key 2021 Specifications at a Glance

Here is a table showing the key information about the 2021 Mercedes Marco Polo dimensions, weights and engine specs at a glance. Marco Polo size ...

Top Ten Essential Extras for new Mercedes Marco Polo owners

So you've just bought yourself a sparkly new Mercedes Marco Polo? Well congratulations on what we hope and suspect will be a great decision for a future filled ...

Mercedes Marco Polo interior – the Rear Living Area

The main 'living zone' of the Marco Polo is the area behind the front seats which stretches rearwards to the boot. The living zone contains a pair of motorized ...

Mercedes Marco Polo campervan – an introduction

What is the Mercedes Marco Polo, and why did we buy one? We've owned lots of tents. We've owned a few caravans. We've drunkenly bought a Hiace campervan ...

Is this the ultimate Marco Polo upgrade?'s be honest - the Marco Polo comes out of the Mercedes factory in a pretty much ...

Marco Polo interior – the Dashboard Area

Scroll and zoom the image above to see the beautiful interior​ Sometimes it just makes sense to get to the point - Jeremy Clarkson take note -  this ...

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